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During a recent trip to northern Montana for work, I found myself with a free day and decided to head into Kalispell to see what the small city is like. I decided to spend a day in the city and knew I'd be able to find a place to stay thanks to the HotelTonight app. The app took all the stress out of finding a hotel at the last minute and let me enjoy my day in Kalispell without any stress.

The Area

Kalispell is located in gorgeous northern Montana and is the perfect spot to stay for lovers of the outdoors. The city is surrounded by mountains and is just a short drive from Glacier National Park. It's also located near the gorgeous Flathead Lake. The town of Kalispell is easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to and has so much to see and do. The town has the perfect mix of city life and nature. It's a great place to visit for anyone who is looking to unwind and get away.

Things to Do

The town of Kalispell seemingly has it all. The city is surrounded by a number of great hiking trails and is also close to a ski resort. During out my day in Kalispell, I went for a hike in the beautiful areas around Kalispell. Then I spent some time wandering in and out of the shops in the city center. There were so many great shops in the city. There were both trendy local shops, as well as bigger chain stores. Kalispell blends together the best that outdoor life has to offer with the comforts of a big city.

The Food

While I was in the city, I noticed a lot of great looking restaurants. I always like to sample the local food when I am in a new city, so I started asking around. I wanted to try the best food that Kalispell has to offer and several people suggested an Italian bistro in the heart of Kalispell. I ate a delicious piece of lasagna, that came with some breadsticks that were out of this world. The meal was so good I can't wait to eat there again the next time I'm in town.

HotelTonight – Stay in Kalispell with HotelTonight

After such a fun day in Kalispell and a great meal, I decided I was ready to get some rest. Sometimes it can be hard to find a hotel room on short notice, or you can run into expensive fees. But thanks to the HotelTonight app, I pulled out the app and was able to book a great room in no time at all. In no time at all, I was back at my hotel room. As I relaxed in my hotel room later that night, I was so glad I decided to stop in Kalispell. The HotelTonight app made my day in the city great and worry-free. I can't wait for my next trip to Kalispell.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hotels are in Kalispell?

There are 18 hotels in Kalispell available from Hotel Tonight.

What are most popular hotels in Kalispell?

Among our most booked hotels in Kalispell are:
Red Lion Hotel Kalispell
85% of HT bookers liked it

What are the best hotels in Kalispell?

Some of the top rated HotelTonight hotels in Kalispell are:
Red Lion Hotel Kalispell
85% of HT bookers liked it

How much is a hotel room in Kalispell?

In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Kalispell have been as low as $86.11, though the average room costs closer to $120.08 per night.

What is the cheapest time to go to Kalispell?

Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $97.34 to $243.76 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in January

Which hotels in Kalispell have a pool?

There are 6 hotels with pools in Kalispell. Some of them are:
Red Lion Hotel Kalispell
85% of HT bookers liked it