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I recently found myself in the city of Butte with a free afternoon and decided to make the most of my day by seeing what the city had to offer. Thanks to the great HotelTonight app, I knew I wouldn't have a problem finding a place to stay, which left me worry-free and ready to explore the city. It was time to experience all that there was to do in Butte. Since I didn't have to worry about where I was going to stay, I was excited to start my day checking out the streets of Butte.

The Area

Butte is a unique part of the world and has a truly rustic feeling to it. The city is located in southwest Montana, and is both a beautiful and historic area. Butte has a number of great hiking trails surrounding the city. While the city has many modern stores and restaurants, it still possesses a rustic old west feel. Butte has a great mixture of old and new, which make it a great place to spend a day. The historic mining town has so much to offer and it's a bit of a hidden gem in the state of Montana.

Things to Do

Butte is a small city, but there is so much to do there, it feels much bigger. The city has a number of great shops that are easily accessible. There are also hiking trails and a museum. While I was in town, I visited the local museum, which gives visitors a great look at the history of the area. Butte also has several beautiful parks to visit. There is something special about Butte, it manages to combine the feeling of a small town, with all the comforts of a big city.

The Food

As I was making my way through the city, I started looking for somewhere good to eat. I spent some time looking around the town for a place to eat and finally decided on a small diner. It was a small place but seemed busy, so I figured the food must be great. I ordered a delicious sandwich, that came with fries and a milkshake. The whole meal was great, and it was one of the best restaurants I've eaten at in a while. In addition to the great food, the staff was friendly and made the whole dining experience a treat.

HotelTonight — Butte Hotels Are Available

After spending a great day in the city, and capping it off with a delicious meal, I decided it was time to relax for the night. I knew that sometimes it can be a hassle to book a hotel at the last minute, but with the HotelTonight app, I didn't have to worry. The app made the process stress free and easy. Within a few minutes, I had booked a nice room in the heart of Butte. As I thought back on my day, while I stretched out on the hotel bed, I thought of how much there is to do all in one small city. I can't wait for my next trip to Butte.