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Downtown Bozeman is the true heart of this Montana city. There's so much charm and energy in this small downtown district that you can't help but fall in love with Bozeman just by strolling down Main Street. I recently found myself in Bozeman on a business trip. Since I never get to travel to destinations as beautiful as Bozeman on business, I decided to extend my stay. To book my last-minute hotel in Bozeman, I checked out HotelTonight. Naturally, I chose to stay at a hotel in downtown Bozeman, where there's no shortage of great dining, shopping and entertainment. Within minutes on HotelTonight, I had booked a great hotel room in the heart of downtown Bozeman, and I was ready to experience the best of Bozeman like a local.


Most of Bozeman's most popular restaurants are located downtown, which is great if you choose to stay at a downtown hotel, since you can walk to any restaurant you choose. From casual hot dog joints to upscale steak houses, there's something for every type of palate and every type of budget in downtown Bozeman. Even though I was only in Bozeman for a couple of days, I had many great meals. You may not automatically think of a hip food scene when you think of Bozeman, but I can vouch that Bozeman's food scene is surprisingly excellent.


If you want to pop into a major retailer to grab warmer clothes for your upcoming ski trip in the Rockies, you'll find something in downtown Bozeman. If you want to find unique, vintage souvenirs at an antique shop, you'll find it in downtown Bozeman. And if you want to find unique artwork at a local art gallery, you'll find it in downtown Bozeman. Boasting an eclectic mix of shops, downtown Bozeman is the place to shop in this city.


Since Bozeman is known primarily as a college town, you should expect some vibrant nightlife in downtown. However, if you're looking for upscale clubs and trendy lounges, you'll be disappointed in Bozeman's offerings. Instead, you'll find laidback watering holes and casual dive bars, all of which are frequented by Montana State University students. So if you want to grab a drink after a jam-packed day in the mountains, all you have to do is walk down Main Street and choose a bar to pop into.

HotelTonight – Book Your Hotel in Downtown Bozeman

Bozeman, Montana may not be at the top of most travelers' must-see lists, but I'm here to say that it's well worth a visit if you have the opportunity. This small town in Montana is brimming with charm and energy, and it's surrounded by more natural beauty than you could even imagine. If you ever feel the need to escape the humdrum of city life, just know that you can always book a last-minute hotel in Bozeman through HotelTonight. If I'm lucky enough to return to Bozeman in the future, I'll certainly rely on HotelTonight to help me find another great hotel in downtown Bozeman.

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