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Driving through the middle of Minnesota is a mesmerizing activity. There isn't much out there in terms of cities, bustle and noise, so it gives me time to sit back and think about a lot of different things. I drive through Minnesota quite a bit for work, so many times I'm thinking about my last meeting, my next meeting or other work-related issues. What I never really spent any time thinking about was how each of the towns along the highway I zoomed past were each their own unique community. I was too busy getting to my destination to concern myself with all of these places. That all changed recently when construction forced me to take some different roads and I suddenly encountered car trouble. I had my vehicle towed to a town called Parkers Prairie, as there were people there who could help. I found out that they'd need the rest of that day to make the repairs, so I had almost 24 hours to spend there. I was fine with that, and I wasn't concerned about finding a hotel room in Parkers Prairie, as I travel with HotelTonight. I'd spend the day exploring.

The Size

Parkers Prairie is not a big city by any means – just over 1,000 people live here, so it didn't take long to realize that spending a day without a vehicle here wasn't that big of a deal. I started my day in the center of town, and it looked like one of those communities that you'd see in old movies. The buildings were quaint and clean, the main drag was surprisingly populated with people at that time of day, and everyone seemed to say hello to everyone else, including me, even though it was obvious that I was not from there.

The Hiking

Since I spend my workdays either in a car or in meeting rooms, I wanted to take the opportunity I had to spend some time outside. I heard about a hiking trail right near the town center, so I grabbed my shoes out of my vehicle and jumped out there. It was a lovely trail – flat and scenic as it ran along a lake, and the greenery and wild birds kept me more than occupied for a couple of hours. I took a lot of photos and enjoyed being away from it all in this part of the world.

The Dining

After all that exercise, I wanted some down-home, filling local food. A couple on the hiking trail told me about a local tavern that would supply just that for me. I walked in and it was a big room with nice wooden trim everywhere. They are apparently known for their wings and fries, so that's what I had. The wings were delicious – they were spicy but not too hot, and they were cooked perfectly. The same could be said of the fries, and the local beer I had washed it all down nicely.

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I was full, tired and happy, as I got the call that I was waiting for from the mechanic – my vehicle would be ready in the morning. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Parkers Prairie hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to get to sleep, satisfied that I had finally taken the time to explore one of these lovely little communities.

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How many hotels are in Parkers Prairie?

There are 3 hotels in Parkers Prairie available from Hotel Tonight.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $69.68 to $118.6 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in March

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