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About 20 minutes north of Portland, Maine, you'll find the charming, vibrant coastal town of Freeport. Despite its small size, Freeport is actually a popular destination, and New England locals make the trek to Freeport for its delicious seafood, its charming small-town feel and its shopping. I wasn't aware of Freeport's reputation before I visited, however. I merely stumbled upon the town because I was hungry, and I wanted to stop and grab a quick bite to eat before continuing on with my road trip. As soon as I began to explore the town of Freeport, though, I knew I wanted to spend at least one night here. There was just too much charm and energy to soak in over the course of a couple hours – I needed more time in Freeport. So without hesitating, I pulled up my HotelTonight app and searched for hotels in Freeport, Maine. Minutes later, I was en route to a lovely hotel near downtown to check into my room so I could start exploring Freeport on my own.


I'm not much of a shopper myself, but even I couldn't resist the shopping madness in Freeport. This town is widely considered a shopping mecca, and people travel from all over New England to shop until they drop. This small village in Maine is home to countless outlets and boutiques, but it's best known as the home of legendary outdoor outfitter L.L. Bean. Since the fall weather was starting to get a bit brisk, I decided to get an authentic L.L. Bean coat from its outlet in Freeport. I got a great deal on the coat, plus I'm able to say that it's the most practical souvenir I've ever purchased on a trip.


Freeport is a coastal city, which means there are plenty of beaches to explore in the area. While I wasn't in Freeport during swimsuit season, I still wanted to check out some of the nearby beaches, which I find to be even more picturesque during the off-seasons, since they're virtually free of crowds. According to a few locals I met, some of the best nearby beaches include Sandy Point Beach and Thomas Point. Even in the nippy autumn weather, I loved visiting these picturesque beaches, and I could imagine just how lively and fun they are during the summer months.

The Desert

I know you're probably scratching your head right now. A desert? In Maine? That doesn't sound right. Bear with me, because I know it seems crazy, but there is actually a desert in Maine. This 40-acre "desert" is filled with rolling sand dunes and long stretches of sand and silt. While the area looks like a desert, it technically isn't one. Rather, the overproduction of this once-fertile land caused the topsoil to turn into sand, making it look like a desert. Although I tend to avoid major tourist attractions when I travel, I simply had to see the Desert in Maine in person to really understand the bizarre phenomenon of a desert in the middle of such a lush, forested state.

Wolfe's Neck

Wolfe's Neck State Park is another popular attraction for both locals and visitors. This state park stretches more than 200 acres, and it's a haven for bird watchers, as the protected land is a habitat for ospreys, among many other native birds. Wolfe's Neck features nature walks and ocean paths that will give you a great idea of the natural landscape and habitats in this coastal region of Maine.


I spent a lot of time in downtown Freeport during my short stay. As I already mentioned, Freeport is known for its exceptional shopping, and there are countess shops and boutiques all over downtown. The historic little downtown is also a great place to enjoy a delicious meal and mingle with locals, and I certainly had my fair share of great meals in downtown Freeport. As always when I'm in Maine, I made sure to order plenty of fresh seafood. I was also glad that I stayed at a hotel near downtown, which made it easy for me to walk to and from the best shops and restaurants in town.

HotelTonight – Great Deals on Freeport Hotels in Maine

The idyllic coastal town of Freeport, Maine was not originally on my radar. Luckily, a series of events led me to Freeport, and I immediately felt right at home in this pretty New England town. While it's best known for its shopping, there's so much more to do in Freeport than just find a great deal on some outerwear. Freeport offers great access to beautiful nature, delicious seafood and plenty of historic charm. I loved getting to know the town of Freeport and its locals for myself, and I wouldn't have been able to if it weren't for HotelTonight, which made it so easy to book a great last-minute Freeport hotel from the convenience of my phone.

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