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Whenever I drive west out of Kansas City on Interstate 70, I know I'm going to have a chance to relax, collect my thoughts and get myself together before I get out of the car for my next meeting. That's because there's a certain vibe I feel when I'm driving through the flat cornfields of Kansas, and that vibe is something that helps bring me to a proper focus. I love this part of the world, as it's often just what the doctor ordered after a stressful hour or day at work. What I didn't love, however, was that I rarely had any time to stop and really explore any of the communities along I-70. That all changed recently when I was driving westward on the highway and heard a report that a severe storm was about 50 miles ahead of me. I called my office, and they told me to stop where I was for the day. I stopped in Junction City, and thought about how I could finally explore. I wasn't worried about finding a Junction City hotel room, as HotelTonight would find one for me later that day when I was ready to relax.

The Outdoors

Even though there was a big storm up ahead, it was sunny and beautiful in Junction City that day. I wanted to get out and exercise a bit, and I saw a sign for a natural area out on the prairie near town. I found it and jumped on a hiking trail. It was a lovely walk of about 6 miles. I walked through rolling hills, looked over vast grass fields and took in all of the agriculture that surrounded me at the time. It was like stepping into another world for a few hours.

The Cavalry Museum

I never knew it before I started driving through Kansas, but there was and is a lot of military infrastructure here, and Junction City is no different. A few miles down the road, I walked through a Cavalry Museum that was quite fascinating. The cavalry may not be all that well-known in terms of American history for many, but here they are remembered, and the exhibits I saw painted a bright picture of what their lives were like when they were here in large numbers. I was surprised to see how many locals were there that day.

The Dining

I wanted a nice steak for dinner, and a couple at the museum told me about a place that was known for theirs. It looked like a country bar when I walked in, what with the green chairs and wooden tables, but they serve a mean steak. I had the rib-eye and it was as fresh and tasty, as I could ever have hoped. It was served with corn, Texas toast and some sweet potato fries that were also delicious. I had a nice beer to go with it and all was right in the world at that moment.

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I was full, I tired and happy with how my day had played out. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Junction City hotel room in seconds. 20 minutes later, I was lying in my bed, getting ready to get back out on the road the next day, but still thankful for the break I had gotten that day.