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In 1631, Dutch colonists arrived on the shores of what we now know as Delaware, and they settled into a quaint little colony that they named Lewes. Today, Lewes prides itself on being "The First Town in The First State," and it's this rich history and strong sense of identity that made Lewes so attractive to me. Whenever I have the chance to explore the East Coast, I take it. There's something so romantic and alluring about the old architecture and the storied streets of historic towns like Lewes, Delaware. So when I recently found myself on the East Coast, I knew I wanted to carve out some time to visit smaller towns like Lewes. Since my trip was rather spur-of-the-moment, I needed to find a great last-minute hotel in Lewes. The task probably would have caused a more inexperienced traveler a great deal of stress, but since I always rely on HotelTonight to find accommodations when I travel, I wasn't worried at all. I simply pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone, and minutes later I had booked a great hotel in Lewes, Delaware. Just like that, I was ready to start exploring this historic town for myself.

The Beach

I was lucky enough to visit Lewes during a warm summer weekend, so I was able to take full advantage of its seaside location. When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, Lewes locals will head to the picturesque Lewes Beach, so I didn't think twice before throwing on my swimsuit and grabbing a towel. Lewes Beach features a wide stretch of soft, fine sand and pretty dunes that make this the perfect beach for relaxing. The waves are gentle and the ambience is peaceful, so it was the ideal way for me to get acquainted with the easygoing vibe of this coastal town.

Cape Henlopen

I quickly discovered that Lewes locals love to enjoy the outdoors, and I don't blame them. If I had easy access to such gorgeous nature, I would spend as much time outside as possible, too. One of my favorite parts of my Lewes getaway was exploring Cape Henlopen State Park. This gorgeous coastal state park features sweeping views of the Atlantic, great little walking trails and natural landscape that seems virtually untouched by humans. During my time in Cape Henlopen, I saw a myriad of animals, including dolphins jumping in the water just off the shore and horse shoe crabs.

Junction and Breakwater Trail

As I already mentioned, Lewes locals love getting outside and getting active. A pride and joy among locals is the Junction and Breakwater Trail, a well-maintained biking trail that passes the canal, the harbor and the beach. If you want to get a great feel for the layout and the natural beauty of Lewes right off the bat, I'd recommend renting a bike and touring the Junction and Breakwater Trail. The picturesque ride along this trail was easily one of the highlights of my trip, and it made me envious of all the people who were lucky enough to call Lewes home.


I didn't imagine visiting vineyards while in Delaware. Sure, I expect to pop into one or two (or three or four) while road tripping through California, but certainly not while exploring Delaware. However, thanks to some locals I quickly discovered that Delaware does actually have a wine scene, and it's surprisingly exciting. I ended up visiting Nassau Valley Vineyard, the oldest vineyard in all of Delaware, and I had a great time tasting the local wines and experiencing the charming atmosphere of this historic winery.

Second Street

You can find the heart and soul of Lewes on Second Street. This bustling drag (bustling as far as small towns go, at least) is lined with cute boutiques, antique shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors, and it's where you'll find lots of energy and activity in Lewes. I ate many meals on Second Street, and I bought numerous souvenirs here as well. I was glad my Lewes hotel was near Second Street, because I loved strolling down this charming, old-fashioned main drag whenever I had the hankering for a meal or just wanted to soak in the laidback, welcoming vibe of this small town.

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Lewes, Delaware is the type of charming small town you read about in books or see in movies, but you may not actually step foot in very often. I was so lucky that I had the chance to explore this beautiful little seaside town for myself, and my trip wouldn't have been nearly as easy or as pleasant if it weren't for HotelTonight, which makes it a breeze to book last-minute hotels whenever and wherever I travel. After all, it took me only a couple of quick minutes to book the perfect Lewes hotel on my HotelTonight app.

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