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When I travel through Colorado, I tend to get lost in the ups and downs – literally – of driving there. If I'm not scaling up the side of a mountain, I'm ranging downward and wondering how low in elevation I'm going to go before turning upward again. One of the things I never really noticed until recently is that there are so many natural nooks and crannies for communities to build themselves that it's almost impossible to imagine people all living the same way. Some communities are at very high elevation while others are in valleys, and that makes a lot of difference in terms of daily life. It also means that the weather is almost always unpredictable for folks. On my last drive west out of Denver, I got a call that I should look to either stop or turn around, as the weather ahead was extremely volatile. I looked around and saw a sign for a place called Silverthorne, so I decided to stop there. I hadn't been there but figured I'd spend the majority of the day exploring. I wasn't worried about finding a Silverthorne hotel room, as I travel with my HotelTonight app.

The Lake

Another great thing about life in the mountains is that there are a lot of gorgeous lakes around. There's one right next to Silverthorne, called Lily Pad Lake. I decided to check it out. There was a nice hiking trail that ran alongside it, so I spent a couple of hours walking around, taking a lot of different photos of the mountains in the background and the gorgeous evergreens and of course talking to people. The majority of the folks I met were local, and all of them were very nice. It was a lovely way to get some fresh air.

The Museum

I've always wondered what life was like in these smaller communities, but on that day I got to actually see what life was like 100 or 150 years ago thanks to the local museum. I'm not much of a history buff, but I was fascinated by the hard life the mountaineers of the 1800's in this part of the world lived on an everyday basis. Simply obtaining and preparing food took a lot of work, and getting around was no easy task either. I developed a newfound admiration for folks on the frontier.

The Dining

All of that outdoor time followed by history put me in the mood for some pub food. I heard about a place at the museum, so I gave it a shot. It looked like some sort of saloon from years long past. I ordered a local IPA and loved it. I had some pretzels that were fantastic and warm. I finished off my feast with one of the biggest cheeseburgers I had ever seen, and I found out that the beef was from nearby. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

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I was ready to get some sleep, so I opened my phone and booked a Silverthorne, CO hotel room in a matter of minutes. It was just up the road, so soon I'd be lying in my comfortable bed, satisfied that I had made the most of some unexpected circumstances that day.