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Whenever I get the chance to drive up or down the coast of California, I take it. While Interstate 5 is lovely in its own right, and it gets you from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible, I tire of the same scenery time after time. I'm a traveling salesperson, so I'm on the road a lot. Repetition has its advantages, particularly in terms of scheduling, but there's nothing like looking out the window, as you drive along the Pacific Ocean. My only wish was that someday, I'd have the opportunity to explore some of the communities that sit along the coast. Recently, I had that wish come true for the first time. I was driving along the coast when I found out that my entire day of meetings had been moved back for another day. Suddenly, I had 24 hours to myself. I was near a place called Pacific Grove in Monterey County, so I decided to stop there and explore. I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay, as I travel with my HotelTonight app. I'd book a Monterey Bay-Pacific Grove hotel room, as soon as I needed one.

Lovers Point Park

I drove by several signs for Lovers Point Park, so I decided to give it a look-see. It really isn't a park in how many people would think of one, as I didn't see any basketball courts, baseball diamonds or playground equipment. What I did see was a panoramic view of the water, seals of all ages and sizes frolicking in the surf and seabirds galore. It was quite something to stand there and take pictures of this incredible view, as the enormous waves pounded the rocks near the shore. It was like a natural amusement park.

The Walking

I wanted to get a closer look at the shoreline, but I wanted to do so more actively. I did so by walking along Oceanview Boulevard, the most famous thoroughfare in Pacific Grove. I walked along and enjoyed the smell of the saltwater, the sight of the gorgeous homes off the shore a bit and the sounds of the waves and the birds calling each other. I must have taken over 100 photographs of different scenes I stumbled upon, and I also got to talk to some very nice people who were there doing what I was.

The Dining

After all that time near the water, I was more than in the mood for seafood. A couple on my walk told me about a local place I had to try, so I did. It was incredibly unassuming in its look both inside and out, but the food was excellent. The chowder in a bread bowl could've been a meal by itself, but I also dove into a plate of fish and chips, and ate more than I should have. Everything was so fresh, so tasty and so lovely that I couldn't put my fork down.

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I was tired and ready to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Monterey Bay-Pacific Grove hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to fall asleep, happy that I had finally gotten to see such a beautiful community.