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There's something about driving up or down the central coast of California that's always been special to me. I don't really know why, but perhaps it's because it's almost as if this part of California combines the southern and northern portions by featuring the best that each has to offer. The beaches, at least from what I've seen from the car, are filled with soft, white sand while the coastal lands surrounding them are rocky, rugged and breathtaking. As I said, though, I've only seen most of the central coast from the car, as I drive a lot for work. I've never had time to get out and look at what life is like in those parts. Thankfully for me, that all changed recently when I was near Monterey Bay. I found out that my entire day for the next 24 hours had been canceled due to an illness, so suddenly I was free. I decided to stop at Big Sur to explore it. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, as I travel with HotelTonight. I'd book a Big Sur hotel room in seconds as soon as I needed one.

The Coast

The big, and most obvious attraction to Big Sur is the incredible coastline. There really isn't much of a town there, as only around 800 people live in what is known as Big Sur. It's lovely, but it's sparse, which is great because it allows nature to continue to be the star of the show there. I was mesmerized by the enormous waves as they crashed loudly and relentlessly into the rocks along the beautiful shore. I couldn't believe the view with the cliffs all around, and I couldn't believe that when I looked at my watch I had spent three hours there taking photos.

The Hiking

I'm an avid hiker, so I knew that there had to be good hiking nearby. There was, so I grabbed my shoes and jumped on a trailhead not far from where I was. As beautiful as the coastline was, I think the hike was even more stunning. I saw little creeks and waterfalls that ultimately fell into the ocean, I was under the cover of a tree canopy so thick I'd have sworn it was nighttime, and I heard the wind whipping through the enormous trees to the point where it was almost hypnotizing.

The Dining

I ran into a nice couple on the trail, and they told me about a family-owned restaurant near town that served some great home-cooked meals. I was in, so I went over there to eat. This place wasn't fancy by any means, but they definitely put all of their resources into the quality of their food and their service. I had a steak served on a bed of greens with a dab of butter, and it was delicious. It was cooked perfectly, and the flavors all blended together masterfully.

HotelTonight – Big Sur Hotels At the Ready

I was full, tired and enjoyed quite a day. I was ready to get some sleep. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Big Sur hotel room in seconds. It was just up the road, so within 30 minutes I'd be falling asleep in my bed, looking back on a totally unique experience.