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I was in Cincinnati for a friend's wedding and couldn't get a flight out until Monday morning. Unfortunately, I got an alert on my phone early on Monday that my flight had been cancelled. That was too bad, because everyone was leaving where we were staying and I suddenly had a day to spend in the Queen City, if I chose to go that route instead of waiting at the airport and hoping to somehow find a flight home later that day. I decided to just stay in town and jump on the flight they had for me early the next morning. I didn't really have a chance to see the city at all given the wedding-related activities that kept us all busy.

The only concern, since I already had a rental car and could extend that contract, was finding a Cincinnati hotel. This can be difficult when you're looking for last-minute accommodations, but then I found HotelTonight. I saw a wide range of choices for Cincinnati hotels and within a matter of a few minutes I had chosen one and booked it. All I needed to do was check in for my flight the next day and head to my new lodging. When I got there, I asked about what I should do if I wanted to really experience Cincinnati. I got a lot of good tips, so I was off on a day of exploring a new city.


Downtown in any city is a good place to get an overall vibe of a place. When I started my day in downtown Cincinnati, I immediately realized that this was a vibrant, upbeat place filled with busy people who were not too busy to help you out if you had questions. I took a stroll through the Museum of Natural History & Science and took a journey back for thousands of years. I spent quite a bit of time after that taking in all of the art-related institutions that can be found within a very short distance of where I was.

Hyde Park

A short distance away is a place called Hyde Park, and it seems to incorporate a lot of downtown-type trappings with a residential feel. I found myself in Hyde Park Square, and it was filled with restaurants, shops and cafes. I stopped into a café and had a great cup of local coffee. This was the perfect place to people watch, and it was interesting that the folks who were buzzing by mostly seemed to be local. I got to get up close to plant life afterward at the Krohn Conservatory, and after that I was ready to move onto the next phase on my journey.

Indian Hill

My next stop was Indian Hill, which the hotel staff described as one of the nicer parts of town. I understood why when I saw the tree-lined streets and the massive homes that people were occupying. The landscape was also gorgeous as I found myself amidst rolling hills and saw quite a few open spaces, or at least more than you'd expect to see in such a populous metropolitan area. I also thought that this would be a good area to stop for lunch, and I was right. Indian Hill has a ton of options available. As I usually do, I chose a locally-owned place with local cuisine. It was delicious and I was more than satisfied with my meal.

Mount Adams

I decided to see what it was like up in these rolling hills near the city, so I drove into Mount Adams. I thought for a minute that I had perhaps stumbled upon a European community. The streets were narrow, the buildings were historic and the entire place had a unique feel to it. The shops in the area were perfect for what I was looking for as well. I picked up a few items for my family and went along to my final stop for the day.

Delhi Township

I ended my day in Delhi Township. I thought I had perhaps gone too far, as there were some rural areas nearby. It mixed in nicely with the more urban parts of the community, though, and once again there was a lot happening. Families were out and about looking for dinner, and my thoughts turned to that as well. I hadn't had any of Cincinnati's famous chili yet, and I heard from a friendly resident that there was a fantastic place nearby. I gave it a shot, and I wished I could shake that person's hand for the recommendation. It was a tremendous meal, and one that left me tremendously full. I'd never had chili that way before, but I certainly wanted to try this again sometime.

HotelTonight – Cincinnati Hotels in Minutes

As I drove back to my hotel with a very full stomach, I realized that I had made the most out of a day that could have been spent bothering ticket agents and angrily typing on my phone in an airport lounge somewhere. I came back to my comfortable hotel room and almost immediately collapsed. Of all the Cincinnati hotels out there, I had found this one with the help of HotelTonight. I wanted to come back to Cincinnati someday, as there is a lot more to see than what I saw. However, what I saw convinced me that this is a place that's always going to be worth a visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many hotels are in Cincinnati?

There are 66 hotels in Cincinnati available from Hotel Tonight.

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How much is a hotel room in Cincinnati?

In the last 30 days, HotelTonight prices in Cincinnati have been as low as $60.13, though the average room costs closer to $166.1 per night.

What is the cheapest time to go to Cincinnati?

Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $139.14 to $172.24 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in December

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