Promotional Terms

Revised November 12, 2018

Personal Invite Code

You can earn coupons by inviting friends and family to download and book hotels using your personal invite code. After creating your HotelTonight account, you will receive personal invite code(s) that can be used as specified according to the program you are enrolled in:

Give $25, Get $25

If you share that code with friends and family, they can receive $25 off their first booking of at least $135 or equivalent (excluding taxes and fees). If the total room reservation charge on their booking is at least $135 or equivalent (excluding taxes and fees), you’ll get a $25 coupon when they book. You can use your coupon on a future booking of at least $135 or equivalent (excluding taxes and fees). Everyone wins.

Give $50, Get $50

If you share that code with friends and family, they can receive up to $50 back in HT Credits after their first booking (20% of their purchase excluding taxes and fees). These HT Credits can be used in a subsequent booking with participating hotels within 120 days of being earned. You’ll get a $50 coupon when they complete their 2nd booking. You can use your coupon on a future booking of at least $150 or equivalent (excluding taxes and fees). Everyone wins.

Your personal invite code may only be used for personal and non-commercial purposes. Feel free to share your invite code with your friends and family via email, Twitter feeds, Facebook pages, personal blogs, etc. where you are the primary content owner. However you cannot distribute your invite code on sites where you are a contributor but not the primary content owner (e.g., Wikipedia, coupon websites, app stores and app review websites) and you cannot promote your invite code via Search Engine Marketing (e.g., AdWords/Yahoo/Bing). You cannot invite (i) yourself, (ii) anyone who uses the same credit card as you do, or (iii) someone who uses the same mobile device as you do.

Coupons earned by inviting friends and family expire 120 days from the date they are earned. Coupons will be applied to hotel bookings in the corresponding currency and may not be combined with another coupon or discount. Example: HotelTonight coupons stated in USD will only be applied to hotel bookings billed in USD. HotelTonight coupons (however earned) are not redeemable for cash or cash equivalents, are non-transferable and may not be applied towards prior purchases. Coupons may not be available for use on certain bookings, such as those facilitated by Travelscape, LLC. Other restrictions may apply.

Promo Codes

HotelTonight may create promo codes that may be redeemed for discounts on bookings, subject to any additional terms we may establish on a particular promo code. If you are using a promo code, such as our “TONIGHT” code for first time bookers or another promo code we advertise, unless otherwise specified, eligible bookings must have a total room reservation charge of at least US $135 or equivalent (excluding taxes and fees) and be made on the HotelTonight app for you to use the code. Promo codes may be available in a limited quantity and we reserve the right to “retire” a promo code at anytime, meaning you might find an old promo code out there that is no longer valid. Expiration dates of promo codes cannot be changed or extended. Promo codes can only be applied to future bookings and cannot be applied towards prior bookings.

Promo codes are valid for a single use per HotelTonight user and are not transferable to another user or redeemable for cash. Codes may not be combined with another HotelTonight coupon or discount code. HotelTonight reserves the right to any remedy, including denial of the discount or cancellation of your account or reservations, if fraud, tampering, or violations of these Terms are found to occur. Additional restrictions may apply.

If you break any of the rules applicable to personal invite codes or promo codes, the HotelTonight Grinch may take all of your credits away, cancel a promo code and/or suspend your account.


GOOGLE PAY PROMOTION: Booking must be made with Google Pay and applies to bookings made between 12/06/17 through 12/31/17, 11:59PM local time. Limited to 1 booking per device. Offer only applies to bookings made in the app and cannot be combined with any other offers or applied to existing bookings. Check the “Need to Know” section of a hotel’s profile page to see if a property does not qualify for coupon use.

BOOK BETTER PROMOTION: The maximum value of your Free Night is based on the average cost of the 7 nights you previously booked on HotelTonight, using the room rate excluding taxes and fees. Nights start accumulating when you sign up for this program. If you stay a night at a Daily Drop Price (defined below), the price you paid rather than the regular room price will be used for the purposes of the calculation. You must pay for taxes, fees, meals and any other costs associated with your free night.If you used different currencies when paying for your 7 nights, the value of each night is currently calculated using the currency associated with the territory you were in when you joined the Program.
What is excluded? Not much. You get credit for each night you actually paid for.
You will get an emailed punch card showing your total nights booked within 48 hours of each booking, to help you keep track.