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Boston is always a place that’s fun to visit. I had already been there a few times and created some memories, but I had never really had the opportunity to explore Cambridge, one of the hallmarks of the area. I recently got an opportunity to spend one night in Cambridge, but I had to find a Cambridge hotel room within a very short time frame, if it was going to happen. Naturally, I grabbed my phone to get that done, hoping that I’d just find something quickly and move on with my day. I wasn’t sure what I was going to encounter, but from experience I knew that booking a hotel room in Cambridge was something that could take hours, if I wasn’t on top of things.

I found a service known as HotelTonight. I figured it was worth a shot to see what sort of Cambridge hotels they had to offer, and I was impressed with their choices. I was even more impressed with how quickly I was able to choose and reserve a room. The entire process took minutes, so before I knew it I was ready for an entire day of exploring a city that had always captured my imagination. I had done so with the help of HotelTonight. I asked some people at the hotel where I should go, and they gave me some very useful information. Off I went into the Massachusetts morning.

Harvard Square

No exploration of Cambridge can be done without including Harvard Square, so I decided to start here. Harvard is only the most famous university in the world, so there had to be a lot to see here. There was. Harvard Square may not necessarily be a neighborhood per se, but there’s so much happening here that it may as well be. There are a lot of visitors here, but also a lot of locals and quite a few students. You can pretty much pick what you want to do, so I decided to go to the Harvard bookstore to buy a few things. Hey, I know it’s what tourists tend to do, but sometimes the tourists are right.

Kendall Square

I decided to move from one square to another. Kendall Square sits along the Charles River, and the neighborhood planners made use of this scenery by putting a lot of parks here. The area itself is quite mixed, in that it is home to quite a few residential spaces and schools, but it’s also home to a growing business community. I spent some time in one of the parks, enjoying the view of the river. I noticed families out and about playing with their children and their dogs. I needed a small boost of energy, so I grabbed a hot cup of coffee at a local shop and just enjoyed the moment.

The Port

The Port is a relatively new neighborhood, at least in name. Until recently, it was known as Area IV, but that changed a couple of years ago. This is a very diverse area with seemingly all regions of the world covered in terms of the people walking around. It’s also quite scenic and historic, as businesses have been running on a big scale here for 200 years or more. Fortunately, it also has a lot of restaurants. It was lunchtime and I was extremely hungry. I stopped at a pizza place as that seemed like the right idea for my mood and my appetite. I’d save the seafood for later. I devoured the pizza that I was served within minutes, and I was ready for an afternoon of continued exploration.


Cambridgeport is near another university in this ultimate college town, that being MIT. This was another extremely diverse neighborhood, and that likely had something to do with the university. This is not an area where you see a lot of single-family homes, but there are quite a few nice living spaces nonetheless and a lot of things to do in the evening. Music seems to be extremely prevalent here, and that makes sense when you notice that almost everyone walking around is under 30 years of age. This is a university neighborhood to be sure.

West Cambridge

I ended my day at West Cambridge, which is also known as Area 10. It also sits along the Charles River, and there is a lot of outdoor space here to enjoy the fresh air. I spent some time walking through a gorgeous park and looking at some of the really nice homes that exist here. I wanted to talk to some people as well, as I was looking for a place for dinner. One couple told me about a local place that had been open for eons, and that’s the type of place I like. I found it and ordered my clam chowder and seafood dinner, and it was a real delight.

HotelTonight – Cambridge Hotels at Your Disposal

As I made my way back to my hotel, I thought about how this entire day had come together. HotelTonight had made finding a Cambridge hotel easy, and this application really helped me turn what seemed like a bit of a pipe dream earlier that morning into a reality. I would come back to Cambridge with family someday, and when I did I would be sure to book my hotel room with HotelTonight.

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