Price Guarantee

We work ‘round the clock to make sure you get the best rates on HotelTonight. If you do find a lower price elsewhere (d’oh!) – and it meets all the conditions below – we’ll top up your account with HT credits equal to the difference between what you paid on HotelTonight and the lower price. We’re good like that.

What are the conditions?

  • Hotel prices often change – sometimes even from hour to hour depending on demand. We guarantee our price for 2 hours for same-day bookings and for 24 hours (up until the midnight before check-in) for future bookings to give you the peace of mind to book now and get on to enjoying your hotel.
  • The lower rate you found must be for the same hotel, the same date(s) and the same room type that you booked on HotelTonight. The room must comfortably fit two adults (no bunk or Murphy beds) and have a private bathroom.
  • The lower rate must be available to the general public. AARP rates, AAA rates, military rates, corporate rates, etc., do not apply.
  • Rates offered through loyalty programs, through contests or as part of a travel package aren’t valid.
  • Rates from apps or websites where you don’t know the name of the hotel until after booking, rates from websites/apps where you name your own price and rates you must call in for aren’t valid either.
  • The lower rate must still be available when your claim is submitted to and processed by HT Customer Support.
  • The lower price you found must be more than just a difference in taxes or fees.
  • We do not guarantee against ourselves.

How do I submit a claim?

  • Email HT Customer Support either by replying to your booking receipt or sending a new email to
  • Include the email address associated with your HotelTonight account, the price you paid for your room on HotelTonight, where you found the lower price (including a complete URL if you found the lower price on a website) and any other relevant info. If possible, please attach a screenshot to your email.
  • We’ll get back to you within 15 minutes. Really.
  • We reserve the right to deny claims that are suspicious and/or deemed to be fraudulent.
  • The HT Price Guarantee does not apply in the event of disasters, acts of terrorism or other events outside of HotelTonight’s control.
  • HotelTonight caps the amount of HT credits that can be issued as part of a claim at $400.
  • HT credits issued as part of a claim will be voided if the credit card charge associated with the booking is disputed. HT credits expire 1 year after receipt of those credits