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Ask any Maine local about the hidden treasures in their state, and you're sure to hear about Denmark, a cute little town nestled in the Lakes Region of Maine. If you're seeking natural beauty and outdoor recreation, you should definitely put Denmark on your travel list. From its breathtaking scenery to its welcoming, small town atmosphere, Denmark knows how to woo visitors. I had only just arrived in Denmark before I had fallen under its spell – and now I'm already dreaming of a return trip. I should explain that I wasn't even planning on staying in Denmark in the first place. I was just road tripping through New England and was passing through the Lakes Region when I stumbled upon Denmark. Right away, I knew I had to extend my stay in this region. There was just too much beauty and charm to ignore. So without thinking twice, I pulled up my HotelTonight app and booked a last-minute hotel in Denmark, Maine. Then I set out to explore this beautiful region for myself.

Pleasant Mountain

If you want the quintessential Maine experience, you're going to have to get outdoors. The only way to really experience this beautiful state is to get up close and personal with nature, so that's why I started off my Denmark adventures at Pleasant Mountain. As the tallest mountain in southern Maine, Pleasant Mountain offers the best way to get the lay of the land. The views from its many trails provide a great overview of the region, and, of course, the scenery on the way up the mountain is equally as beautiful as the views from the top.

Moose Pond

This area of Maine is practically overflowing with bodies of water, and you can see a pretty new pond or lake almost everywhere you look. I wanted to try a traditional Maine activity, fishing, while in Denmark, so I headed to Moose Pond to cast my line. When the locals first mentioned Moose Pond to me, I expected something much smaller than what I found. Moose Pond has a perimeter of 33 miles, which is much more like a lake, in my opinion, than a pond. Regardless, it's a picturesque body of water that locals love for its beauty and for its fishery, and I had a memorable afternoon enjoying both.


Since I was in the Lakes Region of Maine, I had to visit at least one lake. This is pretty easy to do, since there are lakes everywhere near Denmark. However, I didn't want to just visit any lake during my time in Denmark – I wanted to visit the crown jewel of the Lakes Region, Sebago Lake. This enormous lake is the second biggest in the state, and it offers everything you could want for a lakeside getaway. There's boating, fishing, beaches and even a lakeside golf course, and I spent an entire day lounging and playing by the lake. I felt like I had found a little slice of paradise.


The town of Bridgton is about a ten-minute drive from Denmark, and it was one of my favorite little New England towns I discovered on my trip. It offers a quintessential New England charm and warm, friendly locals, and I stopped into Bridgton on several occasions. I loved the quaint feel of the town and the handful of popular local restaurants it offered, and I was able to really get a feel for the local lifestyle and culture of the Lakes Region by talking to locals in Bridgton.

Shawnee Peak

I wasn't visiting Maine in the winter, so I didn't get to experience some of its world-class skiing. Several locals told me that I needed to return once the snow started falling in the mountains, because the skiing in Maine is exceptional. In particular, they recommended I come back to enjoy the slopes of Shawnee Peak, which happens to be the oldest major ski area in Maine. While it's relatively small for a ski resort, it boasts incredible fresh snow and stunning views of the region, and it's a treasured little winter recreation spot among locals.

HotelTonight – Denmark Hotels at Your Fingertips

If your idea of paradise includes the great outdoors and beautiful natural scenery, you should take a trip to Maine. There are few places I've visited that have taken my breath away as often as Maine did. Everywhere I looked, there was another gorgeous sight, and I can see why so many locals consider their state the best place to live in the country. The quality of life in Maine is exceptional, because being surrounded by so much incredible nature is one of the best amenities you could ask for. I loved getting to explore small towns in Maine like Denmark, and I wouldn't have been able to make such last-minute travel plans if it weren't for HotelTonight, which made it easy for me to book a Denmark hotel at a moment's notice.