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Once a pilgrim post in the 1600s, the town of Augusta is now the pretty little capital city of the Maine. Although, it's a relatively small town (with a population of just under 20,000), Augusta still has plenty of charms to entice visitors. I recently planned a summer road trip through Maine to experience the state's abundant beautiful nature and historic sites. I spent a great deal of time along the coast, sunbathing on the idyllic beaches and eating more fresh seafood than my stomach could handle. After about a week exploring the coast of Maine, I decided to change my travel plans and head to Augusta, as I wanted to know what life was like in the state's capital. Since my plans had changed suddenly, I needed to find a way to book a last-minute hotel in Augusta, Maine. Fortunately, I know that HotelTonight makes it easy to find great hotel deals at a moment's notice. Within minutes on my HotelTonight app, I had booked a lovely hotel in downtown Augusta, and I was ready to start exploring this charming little town for myself.


Given the fact that Augusta is a rather small city, I didn't expect downtown to be a bustling metropolis. Instead, I expected a quaint, small city center that offered popular local restaurants and shops – and that's exactly what I found. Downtown Augusta is an idyllic little New England downtown, but it's not exactly a high-energy neighborhood, which was fine by me. I still loved the beautiful old buildings and the small town atmosphere of downtown Augusta, so I was glad I chose to stay at a hotel downtown. The location of my hotel made it easy to walk to restaurants, shops and cafes.

Waterfront Park

Since I had spent about a week exploring Maine prior to my visit to Augusta, I already knew that locals of the Pine Tree State loved spending time outdoors. So once I arrived in Augusta, I asked the locals about their favorite outdoor areas in the city. Many suggested that I visit the Waterfront Park, which is a scenic public park where locals go for runs, bike rides and walks. The park also regularly hosts live events, such as summer concerts, which is why the Waterfront Park is such a popular meeting place in Augusta.

Historic Sites

The roots of Augusta stretch back centuries, so naturally there are many historic sites to see and explore while in town. If you're interested in American history like I am, you'll likely find Augusta fascinating, because its lovely old buildings are so well preserved you'll feel like they've been stuck in a time capsule. I visited a number of historic sites while in Augusta, and the most memorable (in my opinion) were Fort Western, an old British colonial outpost and the Lithgow Public Library, which dates from the late 19th century.

Kennebec River Rail Trail

The Kennebec River was once the lifeblood of Augusta, as it was used as a significant mode of transportation for European settlers in the 1600s. Today, however, it's not quite an essential mode of transportation, but it still does provide a scenic place to walk, run or bike. The Kennebec River Trail is a favorite among locals for physical activity. Augusta locals love their long walks along the water, and as a tourist, I too loved wandering along the riverfront trail, as it gave me a good sense for what life would be like if I actually lived in Augusta, Maine.


Hallowell is just a quick drive out of Augusta, and it's where Augusta locals go for a much livelier city feel. Nicknamed the "New Orleans on the Kennebec," Hallowell is a hotspot for entertainment and nightlife. During a leisurely stroll down Water Street, I passed a number of popular restaurants and pubs, and the street was filled with energy and excitement. Hallowell is the place to be when the sun goes down, because vibrant little town knows how to keep things exciting. While at a brewery in Hallowell, I met a handful of Augusta locals who informed me that they always come to Hallowell when they're in the mood for some good food, great drinks and a lively atmosphere.

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Prior to visiting Augusta, the only thing I really knew about the city was that it's the capital of Maine. Once in Augusta, I quickly learned that this small, quiet city is rich in history and natural beauty, and it does have a fair amount to offer visitors. I enjoyed my time in Augusta, and I'm glad I was able to get a sense for life as an Augusta local. I wouldn't have been able to plan such an easy last-minute trip to Augusta if I didn't have the HotelTonight app on my phone. Through HotelTonight, I was able to book a great hotel in Augusta, ME in just a few quick minutes.

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