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Westminster is arguably the most unique city in all of Orange County, California, as it has a beautifully diverse culture that you won't find elsewhere in Orange County (OC). And since it's located in the heart of the OC, Westminster is conveniently located to all of the best attractions in southern California, making it the perfect place to stay on a California getaway. I recently discovered Westminster for myself, and I knew virtually nothing about the small little OC town before I visited. It all started with a business conference in Anaheim. I spent a night in Anaheim for the conference, but then decided that I wanted to explore more of the area, so I opened my HotelTonight app and began browsing the selection of nearby Orange County hotels. Minutes later, I had found a great hotel in Westminster, and I was excited to get to know a new area of southern California. So I packed up my bags and made my way to my Westminster hotel, which would soon become my home base for all of my Orange County adventures.

Little Saigon

Westminster is best known for its huge population of Vietnamese immigrants, and you can see the heavy influence of Vietnamese culture in Westminster in the neighborhood of Little Saigon. This vibrant, unique neighborhood features a great selection of authentic Vietnamese shops and restaurants, so it's the best place in Orange County to satisfy your craving for Pho and Vietnamese style pastries. Vietnamese refugees, who poured into Westminster in the 1980s, have shaped Little Saigon's identity, and it was certainly one of the most culturally diverse and interesting neighborhoods I visited during my stay in Orange County.

Huntington Beach

The beautiful sandy stretch of Huntington Beach is just a stone's throw away from Westminster, and it's where many Westminster locals go when they want to enjoy a fun day at the beach. Huntington is a quintessential California beach, so you can expect to see surfers, skateboarders, volleyball players and lots of tanned, fit bodies while here. I decided to do as the locals do while in Huntington, so I rented a surfboard and headed out into the waves to test out my surfing skills.

The Ecological Reserve

The Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is a 1,449-acre protected wetland that I definitely didn't want to miss visiting while in Westminster. These wetlands protect a variety of native plants and animals, such as Western Snowy Plovers, Pelicans and Ibises. There are also many fish and even small sharks in the waters, so taking a trip to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve is like embarking on your own little wetlands safari. I spotted many beautiful native birds at these wetlands, and I'd certainly recommend taking a trip to this ecological reserve for anyone who loves nature and wildlife. Just by wandering through this beautiful reserve, I learned so much about California's natural coastal habitats.

Arts and Culture

Westminster has a surprisingly robust arts and cultural scene, and you can find artwork and unique cultural sights in unexpected areas throughout the city. For instance, I stumbled upon the California Scenario while in Westminster. California Scenario is a pretty little sculpture garden tucked in between local businesses. Designed by Japanese-American artist Isamu Noguchi, the California Scenario intends to mimic nature, with a stream, rocks, foliage and, of course, a zen garden. The little surprises like this one is what made me love Westminster so much.

The Parks

Many visitors travel to Orange County and Anaheim for one reason – the amusement parks. This region of Southern California is packed with theme parks, and Westminster is a great home base for exploring the different parks in the area. There is Disneyland, of course, and Disney's California Adventures. Then there's also Knott's Berry Farm and Knott's Soak City. These parks all feature great rides and family-friendly attractions, and I couldn't resist soaking in a bit of Disney magic while in Westminster. I didn't want to pay for a theme park ticket, though, so instead I ventured into Downtown Disney one night to experience the fun and excitement of this Disney-themed retail center.

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I never intended to stay in Westminster when I first headed to Southern California, but I am so glad my travel plans unfolded the way they did. Westminster won me over immediately with its diverse culture and welcoming community. Plus, I was never far away from Orange County's hottest attractions, which made Westminster the ideal home base for a Southern California vacation. I was fortunate that HotelTonight helped me find a great hotel in Westminster, because my vacation wouldn't have been nearly as fun or as carefree if I didn't have such a great travel resource at my fingertips. I always know I can rely on HotelTonight to help me book great last-minute hotels no matter where or when I'm traveling.