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Best Hotels in South Bay, California

If you’re Los Angeles bound and looking to be close to LAX or close to the beach, South Bay is probably the spot for you. Stretching throughout the southwest corner of the LA area, South Bay has hotel options for days.

Stretching from the southern shore of Santa Monica Bay, the South Bay area encompasses fifteen cities plus portions of Los Angeles. Whether you’re getting down in the sand in the Beach Cities, catching a flight out of LAX or heading to Catalina Island for the day - South Bay has plenty to offer with hotels to match.

Why We Love South Bay

Home to household names like Brandy and The Beach Boys, South Bay has a rich history in the Los Angeles area. Here are just a few reasons why we love South Bay.

  • Ample hotels: In an area as big as South Bay, you know we have hotels on lock. From beachy chic digs with all the views to classic tried-and-trues with all the basics, we’re stacked with options for your time in South Bay.
  • Airport access: Travel isn’t always a lengthy vacay (as much as we might want it to be.) If you’re here on business or a quick layover, you may be looking for easy access to catch your next flight. South Bay is a great option for those traveling via the Los Angeles Airport.
  • Beachy keen: South Bay has plenty of options within the Beach Cities from El Segundo to Redondo Beach, Torrance to Manhattan Beach. Wherever you choose to stay, you’ll be sure to soak up some sun and get a clear view of those ocean blues.
  • LA adjacent: Want to explore Los Angeles but not down to stay in the thump of things? South Bay is a chill, affordable option with plenty of routes to the main attractions. Easy access to freeways is available, too, with on ramps to I-110, I-405, SR 91 and I-105.
  • Co-ed days: Visiting a nearby college? South Bay is home to several colleges such as CSU, Dominguez Hills, Marymount University and Westwood College.

Where to find the best hotels in South Bay, California

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