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Best Hotels in San Clemente, California

Headed to San Clemente? Let’s catch some rays. From breezy inns rocking Spanish style architecture to cool boutiques impossibly close to the water - we have the inside scoop on hotels in San Clemente.

Known for its epic surf breaks and unbeatable weather, San Clemente is a quintessential SoCal town. Whether you’re enjoying the sunset on the San Clemente Pier, jogging the beach trail for stunning coastal views, sipping specialty beers at all the local breweries or hitting the boutiques - San Clemente has plenty to offer and we’ve got hotels to match.

Why We Love San Clemente

Sand, surf and sun. Here’s why we love San Clemente.

  • Charming hotels: Need a spot to catch some Z’s after a day in the San Clemente sun? Leave the hotels to us. From groovy beachside boutiques with welcome drinks on the house to cozy inns with a pier side restaurant serving up the best seafood in town - we’ve got your San Clemente home-away-from-home.
  • Beachy keen: Home to some of the best beaches in Orange County, not to mention Southern California - San Clemente has plenty of shore to go around. Get your beach on at Trestles, T Street, San Clemente State Beach or San Onofre - just to name a few.
  • Spanish architecture: When you spy that iconic Spanish architecture, you know you’ve made it to San Clemente. Visit historic Casa Romantica, the gorgeous former estate of San Clemente's founder Ole Hanson. Explore the gardens, discover the history and enjoy the view.
  • Grab a brew: Home to four different popular breweries, San Clemente is an Orange County star when it comes to craft beer. Lost Winds, Artifex and Left Coast serve up local brew while Pizza Port pours pints from San Diego. Cheers!
  • More to explore: Just outside San Clemente there’s plenty more to explore in the Orange County and Los Angeles areas. Orange County encompasses Huntington Beach, Anaheim (aka Disneyland), Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Irvine and Santa Ana. Lots to see in SoCal!

Where to find the best hotels in San Clemente, California

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