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Everyone has heard about Napa, but fewer people know about Petaluma, which is why I still consider the town such a gem. This charming Northern California city is tucked into the rich, beautiful wine country of Sonoma County, and since it's slightly off the beaten tourist path, Petaluma was my go-to choice for a fun, easygoing weekend in wine country. While I love cities like Napa and Sonoma, I also love straying from the popular route and exploring new, lesser-known regions, so I didn't hesitate to book a Petaluma hotel through my HotelTonight app. Whenever I have an urge to take a last-minute getaway, my first reaction is always to pull up my HotelTonight app. Since HotelTonight provides such great deals on last-minute hotels, it has become my go-to travel resource, and it has resulted in countless unforgettable travel experiences. So I knew that HotelTonight could also help me plan the perfect getaway to beautiful Petaluma.


Downtown areas don't come much cuter than the one in Petaluma. This historic downtown area is the definition of charming, and it's full of beautiful old architecture and a welcoming, exciting atmosphere. The city of Petaluma has taken great care to preserve the rich history and architectural beauty of downtown, so every street looks like it belongs on a postcard. Plus, some of the best dining and shopping in Petaluma is located downtown, so I ended up spending a lot of time downtown, and I grew quite fond of this beautiful little urban center.

Theatre District

Located in the heart of downtown Petaluma is the Theatre District, where Petaluma locals go to enjoy great live entertainment, great dining and nightlife. Almost any day of the year, you can find some type of live entertainment in the Theatre District. This lively district is located on the Petaluma River, so it offers some truly beautiful natural views. It probably comes as no surprise that the Theatre District is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Petaluma, so if you want to mix and mingle with some locals while you're in town, you should definitely visit this 'hood. I was only in Petaluma for two nights, and I made it to the Theatre District both nights, because I couldn't seem to stay away from this trendy, vibrant neighborhoods.


There's no doubt that some of Petaluma's most popular attractions are its wineries. After all, Petaluma is nestled into the beautiful, fertile Sonoma wine country, so naturally there are many great wineries to visit in the area. I spent a day hopping from one beautiful winery to the next, and any wino would find themselves in heaven in Petaluma. Everywhere you look, there are rolling hills and vineyards, and the wine here is some of the best in the country.

Vintage Shops

If you're looking for a destination with great shopping, Petaluma won't disappoint. This small, lovely little Northern California town actually has quite an interesting and diverse shopping scene. My personal favorite area to shop was a four-block area located downtown between Washington and D Streets, where I found a terrific selection of vintage shops and quirky boutiques. The shopping in this area of Petaluma is so unique and interesting that you could easily spend hours popping into one shop after another, and that's exactly what I did – and I found a ton of great souvenirs in the process!

Parks and Recreation

Given Petaluma's location in the gorgeous Sonoma County, I wanted to spend as much time outdoors as possible. And I didn't have to look far, because Petaluma locals love getting outdoors and being active, so there are plenty of terrific parks and public outdoor spaces to enjoy. I personally loved tackling the hiking trails at the Helen Putnam Regional Park, but other parks and trails that locals recommended include Shollenberger Park, Leghorns Park and Tolay Lake Regional Park.

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Petaluma, California may not have the same prestige and recognition that Napa and Sonoma have, but I found the city much more charming because of that. It felt more like an authentic community than a tourist destination, but it still offered great sights, attractions, and entertainment. It didn't take me long to fall in love with Petaluma, and my only regret is that I didn't have more time to explore the area. Even after a weekend in Petaluma, I still had so much that I wanted to see and do in the region, so I'm already planning a return trip. And of course, when I return to this Sonoma County town, I'll be sure to book my Petaluma hotel through HotelTonight. Traveling has never been easier now that I have HotelTonight at my fingertips, and I'm counting down the days until I get to return to Petaluma. It's not often that I fall so quickly in love with a city, but then again, Petaluma isn't like most other cities I visit.