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There's something majestic and magical about a community that's built from nothing into a destination in the middle of any desert. Everyone understands that these communities would not exist but for the initial and ongoing efforts of their residents. The entire Coachella Valley in Southern California is living testament to that idea. Every time I drive through it, between Los Angeles and Phoenix, I'm amazed at its beauty, its modernity and of course how green it is. It's an oasis in a place that would otherwise be nowhere. The only problem is that I've never really had a chance to explore this part of the world, as I'm always in a hurry to get somewhere else for work. One day recently, as I was driving near Palm Desert, I got a call early in the morning that my meetings were canceled. Suddenly, I had 24 hours to spend however I wanted. I wanted to spend those 24 hours in Palm Desert, getting to know what life is like there. I always travel with HotelTonight, so booking a Palm Desert hotel room would take mere seconds. I'd handle that when I was ready to get some sleep.

The Farmer's Market

I was in Palm Desert in the middle of winter, and it was a Wednesday. Little did I know it at the time, but that meant that I happened to be in town for the weekly Farmer's Market that's held between October and April. I had to remind myself that I was actually in the desert, as the produce that was on display was amazing. The tomatoes were as big as softballs and as bright as firetrucks. The fruit was visibly bursting with juices. I bought a few things, ate a few others and generally had a great time eating healthy things.

The Hiking

One of the many beautiful things I noticed about Palm Desert was that the community was set amidst some of the most beautiful brown mountains I had ever seen. It was as if they served as a natural border for the people. I also saw trails near town, so I grabbed my gear from the car and headed out for a big hike. I was glad I did, as every step seemingly brought me to a new view of something beautiful, including the green valley below as I continued my climb.

The Dining

After all that hiking, I was ready to get something to eat. I wanted something nice and heavy given the calories I had burned on the trail. I heard about a Mexican restaurant frequented by locals, and I gave it a try. The decor was not fancy, but I'm told in this part of the world that usually means really good food. I ordered the carne asada plate, and the steak was scrumptious. It was also obvious that they made their own tortillas and salsas, and all of it was washed down with an ice-cold beer. It was the perfect meal to end the day.

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I was full and very tired, and I wanted a hot shower. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Palm Desert hotel room almost instantly. I made my way to my room, which was just down the road, had a hot shower and fell into bed, happy that I had gotten to experience a new and wonderful place.