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The beautiful little city of Orange is located in Orange County, California, and it's home to lovely scenery, great attractions and a welcoming, tight-knit community. Orange has a rich history that sets it apart from other towns in Orange County, and it's widely regarded as one of the most desirable places to raise a family in Southern California. Since I wanted to explore as much the Orange County as possible during my recent trip to California, I knew I wanted to find a central home base that would allow me to truly get out and see the area from a local's perspective. To do this, I simply pulled up my HotelTonight app and searched for a hotel in Orange County. As I scrolled through the selection of hotels in the area, I found one that piqued my interest – it was a beautiful hotel in Orange. Without hesitating, I booked the hotel – and all from the convenience of my cell phone. Just like that, I had a hotel room waiting for me in the heart of Orange, California, so I set out to explore this lovely little OC gem.

Old Town District

One of the most unique neighborhoods in Orange is the historic Old Town District. Many of the homes and buildings in this district were built prior to 1920, so there is beautiful old architecture everywhere you look in Old Town, from Craftsman Bungalow and Arts and Crafts to Victorian and Mediterranean Revival. This neighborhood is a treat to explore, and it's so different from other neighborhoods in Orange County, as it's one of the oldest and most carefully preserved. If you love old architecture and neighborhoods that are brimming with character and charm, you definitely need to visit Orange's Old Town District when you are in town.

The Outlets

One of the main hubs of energy and activity in Orange is the Outlets at Orange, a sprawling outdoor shopping and entertainment center that attracts locals from all over OC. It features luxury brands, popular retailers and a variety of entertainment venues, like a movie theater and a bowling alley. There are also a number of restaurants and eateries at this outdoor mall, which is why locals spend so much time in Orange. I ended up spending a great deal of time at the Outlets at Orange too once I discovered how great the shopping and entertainment was.


Even though Orange is a relatively small, laidback city, it has quite an impressive selection of museums, many of which are great for the whole family. Notable nearby museums include the Bowers Museum of Cultural Art, the Discovery Cube of Orange County and the Hilbert Museum of California Art. Also, Orange is home to the Orange County Zoo, so it certainly offers a great selection of fun activities, which is why there's no reason to ever be bored while visiting Orange.

The Outdoors

When visiting Southern California, one should always expect to spend a lot of time outdoors. And why wouldn't you? The weather is almost always perfect, the scenery is gorgeous, and there are plenty of great outdoor spaces to enjoy. So naturally, I made sure to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather and went for a couple of hikes during my stay in Orange. I explored trails at both the Peters Canyon Regional Park and the Santiago Oaks Regional Park, and I even met several friendly locals during these hikes, as Orange and OC locals definitely love getting outside and getting active.

Villa Park

Villa Park is actually its own city in Orange County, and it has earned the nickname, "The Hidden Jewel of Orange County" due to its peculiar location. Villa Park is completely surrounded by the city of Orange, making it somewhat of a little enclave, and I was fascinated by the geography of the town. Villa Park is a quiet, peaceful little town that doesn't offer too much for visitors to do or see, but I was glad I took the time to explore this hidden little gem tucked away in the heart of Orange.

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I've been on many trips to California over the years, but my recent trips are by far the best and most memorable, because I have started to visit cities as if I were a local rather than a tourist. I love getting to know a city from a local's perspective, and it really gives you a great feel for the heart and soul of a community. That's what I tried to do when visiting Orange, and HotelTonight helped by providing me with a terrific selection of Orange hotels that I could access at my fingertips. I always know that I can take spur-of-the-moment trips without stressing about my accommodations, because I can rely on HotelTonight to help me find great last-minute hotels whenever and wherever I travel.