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Best Hotels in Mountain View, California

Headed to Mountain View? We got you. This Silicon Valley suburb is known for its killer views of the Santa Cruz Mountains (duh) and we love it for the hotels. From tried and true classics you know and love to boutiquey clubhouses with chilled-out common spaces — we know all about hotels in Mountain View.

Known for its warm suburbs and walkable downtown area, Mountain View is a sweet community to visit while you’re in the Valley. Whether you’re enjoying a concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre, peeping a glimpse the Google campus, headed to Santa Clara to catch the 49ers or catching Caltrain to San Francisco — Mountain View has plenty to offer and we’ve got hotels to match.

Why We Love Mountain View, California

Charming suburbs with a tech giant edge. Here’s why we love Mountain View, California

  • Solid hotels: Need a place to crash in Mountain View? We’ll take care of it. From household favs with all the amenities you need to stylish inns right near the action - we’ll find you the best hotel for your trip to Mountain View.
  • Tech hub: Mountain View is well known for the world-changing companies that call it home. Most famous? Google. It’s 3.5 million square foot campus, named the Googleplex, is beyond impressive. No tours available so it might be time to make a friend at Google.
  • Downtown: Mountain View has a pleasant downtown area popular with locals and visitors alike. Enjoy nightlife at spots like Alberto’s for salsa dancing and Molly Magees for Irish pints. Grab a bite at one of the many restaurants like Hong Kong Bistro or The Crepevine.
  • Parks: Looking to get outdoors? Mountain View has options. Take a boat out on Shoreline Lake, take a hike up Stevens Creek Trail or work on your short game at Shoreline Golf Links.
  • More to explore: There’s plenty to explore outside of Mountain View in the greater Silicon Valley area and beyond. Visit Stanford University in Palo Alto, drive along historic El Camino Real to Sunnyvale or hop on Caltrain to visit San Francisco.

Where to find the best hotels in Mountain View, California

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