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If you spend a lot of time driving from one part of California to the other, as I do, you get used to driving for hours along Interstate 5 through the middle of the state. While it's a lovely landscape to look at, it's also an enormous plot of land that's largely uniform in nature. As such, I tend to zone out on what's around me away from the road these days, as I focus on the traffic around me, what's ahead in terms of my schedule and many other things. Since my work doesn't take me anywhere but to larger cities, I've never spent any time in the communities along Interstate 5 in the Central Valley of California. I have stopped for gas and for a very quick bite to eat, but that's really about it. On my last drive, something went wrong with my car near a community called Kettleman City. I had it towed to a garage there where I was told it'd be 24 hours before I'd be set to go. I decided to make the best of it by exploring. I would book a Kettleman City, California hotel room that night when I was ready.

The Town

As I started to walk around this little community, I got a feel for a place that is probably much like the old outposts from the days of the Old West. Around 1,500 people live here, but if you look around it doesn't take long for your vision to move well beyond the buildings and city streets. The entire city is surrounded by vast farmlands, and it seems as though this is a place where the people from those farms come into town to get supplies and whatever else they need. There was almost a romantic quality to what I was seeing.

The Shopping

In these types of towns where people from surrounding rural areas gather to get things done, you can find a surprising amount of shopping to do. I found a place that seemed almost like a swap meet given all of the different types of items that were up for sale. I found myself looking at some of the antiques that were on display, and not surprisingly most of them were related to farming and farming life. I actually bought a few interesting knickknacks that would add a nice touch to my home.

The Dining

There were more dining options available than I would've thought before spending time here, and a lady at one of the shops told me that the Mexican restaurant was quite good. It was not a fancy place, but many of the best Mexican food restaurants are not known for their decor. They had grilled fish tacos that sounded good, and as it turned out they tasted even better. I devoured them along with the delicious rice and beans that came with them, and I was more than full when I was done.

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I was full and quite surprised at how enjoyable my day had been considering how it started. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Kettleman City, California hotel room instantly. I walked up there and fell asleep almost before the door was completely closed. I was happy to have seen one of these communities and that I had made the most of unexpected circumstances.