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In historic times, migration patterns tended to follow the flow of waterways, particularly those that involved rivers. Where rivers empty into larger bodies of water, you'll typically find some sort of community that's been there for centuries. That's certainly the case in Northern California, as I've traveled to many of these hamlets over the years. While it may seem that those situated in Sonoma County are all basically the same, that's simply not the case in my experience. On my last drive through that part of the state, I happened to stop a bit short of where I was planning to go that night. I did so because I wanted to explore the tiny town of Jenner, which sits along the Pacific coast. I wanted to see what life was actually like there, and I wanted to spend 24 hours doing so. I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay, as I always travel with my HotelTonight app. I would simply have the app find me a Jenner, California hotel room based on my current location whenever I was ready to establish a home base for the night.

The Location

As soon as I pulled into Jenner, with a population of around 150 people, it was clear as to why it was settled a long time ago. It sits atop a huge vista that overlooks the place where the Russian River empties into the Pacific Ocean. The view from atop this vista was stunning, as I got to see the two bodies of water meet, a panoramic view of the sea and an uninterrupted view of the landscape to the east of where I was standing. My only surprise was that more people hadn't discovered this place and settled there.

The Beach

The collision of the river and the ocean created an interesting confluence, and this natural process leaves behind a lot of sand along the otherwise-rocky coast. I walked down to the water from the top of the vista and spent hours exploring the beach, dipping my feet into the cold surf and taking more photos than I think I'll ever be able to show people. I also saw some people down there hunting around for petrified wood and rocks. They were mostly retired folks who wanted to spend this time of their lives somewhere beautiful. They had found the right place.

The Dining

You wouldn't expect to find much in the way of dining options in such a small community, but there were a few choices. A lady on the beach told me about a place overlooking the water that served great oysters and steak, so that's what I wanted to have for dinner. I walked in and the views were, once again, incredible. I ordered the oysters and steak. The oysters were obviously fresh from that day, and the steak was cooked a perfect medium rare for my tastes. I enjoyed the local wine that came with it and the experience overall.

HotelTonight – Jenner, California Hotels Are Available

I was full, I was tired from all the walking and I was ready to get some sleep. I had the ultimate tool in finding a Jenner, California hotel room as well in HotelTonight. I opened the app and found a place to stay in seconds. I couldn't wait to take a hot shower and look back on a wonderful day.