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HotelTonight – Find Great Hotels in East Irvine

East Irvine is a lovely area in Orange County that is known for its great quality of life and its terrific location. This city is just a stone's throw away from all of Orange County's best attractions as well as Los Angeles, so it's the perfect home base for anybody looking to explore Southern California. I recently discovered East Irvine on a road trip through California, and HotelTonight helped me book the perfect East Irvine hotel in a matter of minutes. Given its central location and its laidback vibes, I knew that East Irvine was the perfect place to stay during my time in Southern California. The location of my East Irvine hotel made it so easy for me to explore the best sights and attractions in the area, and by the end of my trip I felt that I had really gotten to know not only the city of East Irvine, but also all of Orange County.


Given its location in Orange County, East Irvine is blessed with near-perfect weather all year-round. Because of its beautiful weather and lovely natural setting, I tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible, which is an easy thing to do in East Irvine since there are so many great parks and public outdoor spaces nearby. I personally loved the San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary, which boats 300 acres of fresh water marsh and 11 miles of scenic nature trails.

The Spectrum Center

The Spectrum Center is considered the epicenter of life and activity in Irvine, as it's home to dozens of great restaurants, shops and entertainment venues. While Irvine doesn't have a traditional downtown, Irvine locals consider the Spectrum Center to be their stand-in downtown area, so I ended up spending a great deal of time in this massive retail center. You can find almost anything you could imagine in the Spectrum Center, from upscale dining options to popular shops, so I could see why it's such a beloved place among locals.

Kid-Friendly Attractions

Irvine is known as a great place for families, so it's the perfect place to visit for anyone with children. There are so many family-friendly attractions and activities near East Irvine that it can actually be difficult to decide what to do. Not only is it close to major amusement parks like Disneyland, but Irvine is also home to popular kids' attractions like Boomers, K1 Speed Irvine and the Pretend City Children's Museum. I could definitely see why Irvine is a great place to raise kids, because it's also a terrific place for families with kids to visit.

HotelTonight – East Irvine Hotels at a Glance

While it's certainly not hard to love Southern California, I didn't quite know if I would love East Irvine. But once I arrived in East Irvine, I realized that it's a lovely little town that has so much to offer. I was glad I booked our East Irvine hotel through HotelTonight, because we ended up having the perfect Southern California getaway by using East Irvine as our home base.