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The Beach Boys knew it, and now everyone does: Huntington Beach is the epitome of Southern California beach life. My friend and I recently took up surfing and were inspired to take a trip to Surf City, USA. Huntington is home to many high profile surf competitions and beautiful beaches, but the city is more than just a surf haven. You can visit this coastal gem and stay at the beach the whole time and you'd have a lot of fun, but why not experience all that the city has to offer?

We planned our trip to Huntington around the time a pretty big surf competition was winding down, so we thought we might not be able to find a good hotel for a decent price. Fortunately, my friend suggested we look at HotelTonight to see if we could find something better than a motel, and to our pleasant surprise, we had no trouble finding a nice, cute Huntington Beach hotel that was in close proximity to the beach and downtown. When I get time off from work, I often want to relax and do nothing, but I also tend to get bored quickly, so I like to know that there is plenty to do wherever I'm going for when I need a break from relaxation. Fortunately, we found the best of both worlds in Huntington Beach.

The Beach

We obviously wanted to hit the beach first to check out the waves and pick up some tips from the professional surfers that call Huntington home. There are actual five distinct public beaches in Huntington, but we spent the most time at the main Huntington City Beach. We rented bikes near our hotel and cruised with our surfboards the few blocks to the beach to set up camp. We tanned, surfed a little and played some volleyball with some new friends that invited us to join. Next time I make it back to Huntington, I'll be sure to spend more time at Sunset Beach, which many locals prefer because it is not as crowded or touristy as the others. I might also bring my dog down to the Huntington Dog Beach for the annual Surf City Surf Dog competition, because who wouldn't want to see a bunch of cute dogs hang ten?

The Pier

There's only so much surfing and swimming you can do before you tire yourself completely. So once the sun started to go down, we took a walk down the pier, which is a lovely spot from which we were able to marvel at the beautiful SoCal sunset. The HB pier is one of the longest on the West Coast, and it is one of the most iconic and photographed places in town. You'll find it conveniently located at the intersection of Main Street and the Pacific Coast Highway.


Downtown is an awesome area to hang out in at any time of the day, but we found our way there at night for dinner. Downtown HB boasts a wide variety of restaurants and bars. If you find yourself downtown on a Tuesday night, you can check out the Surf City Nights Street Fair Farmer's Market and enjoy live music, an international food court and over 100 local merchants and vendors.

The Ecological Reserve

Personally, one of the coolest things about Huntington for me is the local effort to conserve the beautiful wildlife and nature that has existed long before humans discovered it. You can see the progress of this conservation effort firsthand by visiting the Bolsa Chica Conservancy, which is located right on the PCH next to Bolsa Bay. Here you can learn about all the different plant and animal varieties that are local to the area. The conservancy is a popular destination for avid birdwatchers due to the hundreds of bird species that visit and nest in the wetlands there.

The Harbour

Right on the border of Seal Beach and Sunset Beach, the Huntington Harbour is one of the most beautiful spots in the city, and a visit there may make you want to move in. You can partake in pretty much all the best water sports and activities, like kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding and sport fishing. There are all kinds of boats for rent, or you can just enjoy the beauty of the harbor by taking a nice walk along waterfront boardwalk. My friend and I decided to try stand-up paddle boarding for the first time, and the water in the harbor was perfectly calm and serene; we were able to soak up the sun and get a fun workout at the same time.

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Our Surf City, USA surfing trip turned out to consist of way more than just surfing. It was truly one of the most fun getaways I have had, and it would not have been possible without HotelTonight. Next time I need a beach vacation that is both relaxing and full of opportunities for activity and excitement, I will definitely make my way back to Huntington.