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Northern California could not only be its own state, but it could also be its own country given its size and population. I've been traveling in and around this part of the world for years now, and every time I stop somewhere I see something new and unexpected. That's one of the reasons I love traveling for work, although I do have one regret: I rarely have time to stop, take my time and get to know a place that I have seen and that has piqued my curiosity. One such place in Northern California is known as Geyserville. I couldn't help but think there would be interesting things to see in this little community, but I wouldn't know from firsthand experience. On my last trip to California, I got a random chance to change all of that. I wound up with 24 hours of free time, and I found out about this free time when I wasn't far from Geyserville. I was going to go see it, and I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay. HotelTonight would book me a Geyserville, California hotel room when I was ready to get some sleep.


I made the drive from San Francisco, and it's about an hour away. I kept waiting to see geysers shooting up into the air, but didn't see any. However, as I got closer to town I started seeing signs for hot springs and quite a bit of steam billowing into the air from fissures and the like from under the ground. I pulled into town and found out that this is how things look here. It's quite beautiful, as the rolling green hills are regularly coated in a sheet of white steam, creating an almost surreal scene for those who see it.

The Town

As I pulled into the town itself, I felt like I was traveling back in time. Geyserville is like something out of the Old West, with the brick facades on the buildings along the main street, the green awnings and the classic layout of the town overall. Only about 900 people live there, so this is not a big city by any stretch. In fact, the people who live here all seem to know each other, they all seem to speak to each other in a familiar way and everyone I spoke to was incredibly friendly.

The Dining

As I spoke to people during the day, I kept hearing about a pizza place when the topic of places to eat arose. I decided that I'd have dinner there. The place was also an Italian food store, but I sat and ordered a pepperoni pizza that came out hot and that was obviously cooked in a wood-fired oven. The crust and the cheese were prepared in a way straight out of Naples, where pizza originated, and the craft beer I had with it was delicious. It was a great meal.

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After such a nice dinner, I wanted to get some rest. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Geyserville, California hotel room in a matter of seconds. It was only about a block away, so I walked that way with anticipation, ready to put a nice day in the books.