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Just inland of Los Angeles is a region known for its sprawling neighborhoods, laidback vibes and diverse culture. This area is called the Inland Empire, and I recently had the chance to explore it for myself. During a recent road trip through California, I made a last-minute decision to extend my trip by a day, which meant that I had time to explore one more city. Since Los Angeles was already on my itinerary, I opted for exploring the Inland Empire, which I knew relatively little about prior to my trip.

To find a great Inland Empire hotel, I opened the HotelTonight app on my phone and began browsing its hotel selection. After just a few minutes, I had booked a great hotel in El Monte, a small town in the heart of the Inland Empire. I was excited to get to know the heart and soul of El Monte during my quick little getaway, so I set out to explore the streets of this Inland Empire town for myself.

Valley Mall

The main corridor that runs through El Monte is called the Valley Mall, which is considered the town's Main Street. Just by driving through this central hub of El Monte, I got an immediate sense for the culture of this diverse community. The Valley Mall is a hub of shopping and dining, and there are tons of little local shops and boutiques along this drag. I popped in and out of various stores while wandering down the Valley Mall, and I found several great stores that offered fun clothing for very affordable prices.

Parks and Recreation

El Monte is a great place for anyone who loves the outdoors, because this city is home to a great variety of nature centers, public parks and hiking trails. Even though I was only in town for a little over 24 hours, I knew I wanted to make it a priority to get outside and enjoy the Southern California sunshine. So I slipped on my hiking shoes and set out to explore the Bosque Del Rio Hondo, which offers miles of well maintained trails and stunning natural scenery.

Chinese Cuisine

The Inland Empire is known for having great Chinese food, which is why I knew I had to test out a local Chinese restaurant while in town. I asked a handful of locals for their suggestions, and that's how I ended up in some hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant where I had one of the best Chinese meals of my life. The food was authentic and delicious, and the ambience was unforgettable. I loved the restaurant so much that I went back the next day, and my experience at the restaurant became one of the best memories of my trip.


El Monte is a short drive out of Pasadena, one of the most charming little towns in Southern California, in my opinion. I adore the idyllic streets of downtown Pasadena and the warm community atmosphere of the city, which is why I was happy to have the chance to explore Pasadena a bit more during my recent trip to El Monte. Pasadena's streets are known for being pretty and historic, so I soaked in the charm and the beauty as I strolled through its vibrant downtown.


You may not guess it when you first drive into El Monte, which is a rather unassuming town, but this Inland Empire city is actually home to a variety of museums. So if you enjoy history, then you'll probably want to make a stop or two at one of the museums in El Monte. Notable museums include the El Monte Historical Museum and the American Society of Military History, both of which provide great exhibits and informative displays. Since I consider myself somewhat of a history buff, I was excited to be able to explore both of these museums, even though I was only in town for a short period of time.

HotelTonight – El Monte Inland Empire Hotels in Minutes

Most people don't consider the Inland Empire when they travel west to California. It's considered more of a residential area than a tourist destination, but I found the region to be quite interesting. I was fascinated by its unique culture and lifestyle, as I felt that I was able to really understand the heart of El Monte and the Inland Empire after just a day in town. I truly believe the best way to visit new places is to try and see them through a local's perspective, and that's what I did during my stay in El Monte, and I could see why locals love their town so much. I wouldn't have been able to make such last-minute changes to my travel plans if it weren't for HotelTonight, my favorite new travel resource that helped me find a great hotel in El Monte at a moment's notice.