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When you're talking about a city that dates back to the 8th Century B.C., you're talking about a place that is obviously filled with history. Olbia, Italy, is also a very small city compared to others with a high level of historical significance, as its population is only about 42,000 people. It's always been my experience, though, that some of the best places to visit are those that are not necessarily famous across the world and those that are not necessarily enormous in size. I had always wanted to see Olbia and nearby towns, but never really had the opportunity to do so. That all changed not too long ago when a colleague of mine offered me a seat on a charter flight that would be returning 24 hours later. The only challenge, however, was that I needed to find an Olbia hotel room within a few minutes. I wasn't sure I could make that happen, but I sure was going to try.

I grabbed my phone and searched for HotelTonight, because I was pretty sure that someone I know had used it. I opened it and searched for Olbia hotels, not expecting to find anything because it is a small city. I was surprised to see the choices available, both in terms of quantity and quality. I chose a hotel that seemed like it would work well for what I wanted, and I proceeded to the booking process. I was extremely impressed with how quickly I was able to book and confirm a room. Within minutes, I was all set--I had my Olbia hotel room and a flight to the city. All I needed now was a list of places to see while I was there.


Since we landed in Olbia, I wanted to start here before venturing into other parts of the Costa Smeralda, the region in Sardinia in which Olbia sits. Olbia is a longtime port city that dates back centuries. As you walk along the water, you see several historic places that include the Basilica of San Simplicio and an archaeological museum that I never knew would be here. Olbia is a place, these days, that provides a window into the modern life of an Italian person. People walked through the piazzas on their way to work, others strolled along the water and still others sat at the many cafes that were common in this lovely city. It was a very nice start to the day.

Porto Rotondo

My next stop was approximately 10 miles north of Olbia, in Porto Rotondo, which means "Round Port" in English. This is a resort town, and the Italian Prime Minister has a home here overlooking the shoreline. This is also a place where it seems that families descend upon, as there were parents running around everywhere on or near the gorgeous beaches with their children. I stopped at a cafe and enjoyed some nice cappuccino along with some sweets. It was the perfect stop for that time of day, and I was ready to move on to my next stop.

Porto Cervo

I kept moving north from Porto Rotondo to Porto Cervo, which is about 8 miles north. What I found here was a lot of room to walk. There were parks and open spaces everywhere and everything seems to be centered on the port here, which is gorgeous. After walking around for a bit, I became extremely hungry, but I was in luck because I found a bistro that seemed small and very old, which was exactly what I was looking for. I ordered a salad and seafood, given where I was, and it was absolutely delicious. Satisfied, I kept moving.

Baja Sardinia

Simply put, there are few places as beautiful that I have ever seen as Baja Sardinia. The beach, called Cala Battistoni, is made of sand so white it almost looks like table salt. The rocky land formations surrounding it complete this classic Italian photo. There were also several shops in the area, which was great because I needed to get some gifts for the important people in my life. I found several unique items and filled several bags with things that I was sure would be a hit when I returned home. With that done, it was time for my last stop.

Cala di Volpe

I ended my day at Cala di Volpe. This is another resort area, but it's also quite beautiful in that it's the perfect Italian seaside location. I walked around near the water for quite some time and then managed to find another very nice restaurant. I ordered several smaller items for tasting, and I wished I had ordered two of each dish. It was a fantastic meal that was eaten, while I overlooked the sea and enjoyed a glass of wine. This was what the beauty of Italy was all about.

HotelTonight – Olbia Hotels in Seconds

As I made my way back to my hotel, I thought about what a great day it had been. I had seen a part of Italy I had always wanted to see and had done it without much planning. I owed a lot of that to HotelTonight, as I may not have been able to find an Olbia hotel room without it. I looked forward to a restful night of sleep and traveling in the future with HotelTonight.

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