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What do you do when you're on a work trip for a week in British Columbia, Canada, and you find out that the last three days' worth of meetings are all canceled? Well, you can work with your employer to find the fastest flight home, or you can finagle a way to simply catch that original flight and provide yourself with 72 hours of exploring one of the most wondrous places on the planet. I love British Columbia, and I've driven all over the province in recent years as I'm up there often. Unfortunately, I never got to spend much time in any one particular place because I was always working. I had never gotten to see any part of Vancouver Island, for instance, as getting there requires a ride on a ferry and quite a bit of time. I made up my mind right then and there that I was going to use these three days to see a place on Vancouver Island I have always wanted to see: Tofino. I wasn't concerned about finding a place to stay, as I'd just HotelTonight to book a Tofino, BC hotel room when I was ready to find a temporary home.

The Ferry

As I mentioned, it takes a full day to travel from Vancouver to Tofino, but I was thrilled to be able to do so. I drove my rental car right onto the BC Ferry that ran from Horseshoe Bay outside of Vancouver to Nanaimo, on Vancouver Island. I hadn't been on this type of ferry before, but it was quite luxurious. I parked my car below deck and went up and lounged while enjoying a nice lunch of poutine and a salmon burger. There are windows everywhere, so I gazed at the small rocky islands as we passed them and took some photos from the outdoor decks. It was a lot of fun.

Downtown Tofino

It was about a three-hour drive from Nanaimo to Tofino, which sits on the western coast of Vancouver Island. The first thing I noticed about the area was that this was a rugged, gorgeous landscape of rocky coast and rocky hills that seem to fall gently into the water. There is not much civilization here, as only around 2,000 people call the region home. That makes sense, as everywhere you look it seems that you run into a place that has never been touched or harmed by humans.

The Cuisine

I had all of the following day to explore the area, so I was content after arriving and looking around a bit to get some dinner. I asked a lady at the gas station about a good place to go, and she helpfully steered me towards a local bistro that served seasonal comfort food. I was in the mood for fish and chips, and they served them well there. The place itself reminded me of a wooden lodge, but it was quite tasteful. The food was just as full of taste, and the company was extremely friendly.

HotelTonight – Tofino, BC Hotels Are Around

I figured that it was time to find my home base for the next two nights, so I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Tofino, BC hotel room in seconds. It was nearby, and I was ready to get some sleep after a full day of travel and with a big day on the horizon.

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