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If you find yourself driving through British Columbia, it's quite easy to lose yourself in the landscape, in the beauty of everything that surrounds you and even in terms of where you are at the time. The mountainous terrain can have you wandering in different directions, but it's actually a good thing most of the time. In fact, the last time this happened to me when I was in British Columbia, I wound up spending a wonderful 24 hours in a place called Squamish. I was in Vancouver for business and wanted to take a look at the landscape by way of the Sea-to-Sky Highway. I kept going and going and before I knew it, I didn't know where I was. Just then, I got a phone call that removed my worries. I found out that my meetings for the rest of that day were canceled. Suddenly, I had 24 hours available and nothing to do. I looked up and saw a sign for Squamish, so I figured I might as well continue on in that direction. I wanted to explore it, and I'd book a Squamish hotel room later that day thanks to my HotelTonight app.


The first place I decided to explore a bit was downtown. Squamish is a city that's growing quickly, but it still has a very small-town feel. Even at this point, with quite a few people moving there from the Vancouver area, fewer than 20,000 residents call Squamish home. I walked around, and in and out of a few local small businesses, which still dominate the landscape here. The shop owners and workers were extremely friendly, and I learned a lot about this community just by talking to them. Thanks to them, I knew how I was going to spend the rest of my day.

The Trails

I thought I'd keep with my building theme for the day by making use of some of the incredible hiking trails that sit in and around Squamish. I heard about them from some locals downtown, and fortunately I had my hiking shoes on. I quickly realized why people come from all over Canada to spend time on these pathways. I saw mountains, water, wildlife and greenery like I had never seen before and quite a few friendly people out doing what I was doing. I took about a million photos, but knew at the time they would never do what I was seeing justice.

The Dining

I wanted to finish my day of spectacular views with more spectacular views. I heard about a restaurant that is nearly 3,000 feet above Howe Sound, which is near Squamish. You get there by way of gondola. When I got there, I almost forgot to order because of the mesmerizing views. The menu was relatively basic, but their cheeseburgers were outstanding as were their fries. I had that and a beer, and some scenery that I knew I'd probably never see again.

HotelTonight – Squamish Hotels Are Available

After that type of a full and exhilarating day, I needed some rest. I opened HotelTonight on my phone and booked a Squamish hotel room in seconds. I couldn't wait to take the gondola down and make the short drive to my room. I couldn't wait to tell people about this gorgeous community, either.

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