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I've been traveling through Canada for work for over a decade now, and one thing that I've learned is that every time I find out I am heading to British Columbia, I get extremely excited. BC is one of those places where you could seemingly travel for months and never see the same thing twice. One day you could be moving through an incredibly modern city such as Vancouver, which is a welcome place to people from all over the world. A day later, you could be driving through wilderness and not see another human being for several hours. You may see more bears than people. This is why I've always enjoyed traveling to British Columbia: You never know what you're going to get, but it's going to be interesting. On my last trip, I wanted to take some time for myself to see one of those outlier communities that may be a short drive from Vancouver, but that are quite different in terms of what you experience. I chose to spend 24 hours in Kamloops. I wasn't worried about finding a Kamloops hotel room. I have HotelTonight on my phone, and it would find me a place to stay instantly.

The Landscape

Given that Kamloops is within a day's drive from Vancouver, I didn't expect the geography to be much different when I got there. I was wrong, as the surroundings made it seem as though I had traveled to another country in a sense. There were vast rock formations that surrounded the community. There were also rivers and lakes, and even wide-open grasslands. It was as if someone had put all sorts of different locations into some type of stew and served it right here. I looked at some lovely lakes, drove by some gorgeous grasslands and even took a bunch of photos of rocky formations within a couple of hours.

The Arts

Kamloops is a relatively small community, home to only around 90,000 people. As such, I would not have expected it to be such a haven for the arts community, but it is. I stopped counting the number of art galleries I saw when it got to be over a handful, and every one of them I visited offered something different. One was purely classic in its offerings while another was purely native and still another was ultra-modern. There's something for every artistic taste there.

The Dining

I was in the mood for a steak. I don't know why, but I just was. I asked around when I was moving through the art galleries, and I got one answer above all of the others. I decided to give the local place a try. I walked in and felt like I was traveling back in time to one of those old-school steakhouses with the big leather booths and the huge cutlery. I ordered a T-bone and it was delicious. It was smothered in mushrooms and tasty sauce, which ran right into my mashed potatoes.

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I was happy, full and tired. It was time to rest. I pulled out my phone and opened my HotelTonight app. Within a few swipes, I had booked a Kamloops hotel room. It was nearby, so I paid my bill and excitedly headed towards my room, satisfied that I had seen another part of British Columbia.

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How many hotels are in Kamloops?

There are 39 hotels in Kamloops available from Hotel Tonight.

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Our hotels prices have varied throughout the year from $52.67 to $87.45 On average, we've seen the cheapest room prices in November

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