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As you drive around in Vancouver, British Columbia, you tend to notice that like a lot of enormous metropolitan areas, this is a city that below the surface is really a tapestry of smaller communities that come together in several ways. I had been to Vancouver many times for work, but unfortunately I had never really had time to explore this part of the world. I knew enough to know that it is stunningly beautiful, incredibly friendly, pristinely clean and totally safe. I never got outside of downtown, though, and I like to get to know an area from the perspective of what it's like to live there. On my last trip there, I decided to look for an opportunity to spend some time getting to know this place on a deeper level. An opportunity did arise whereby I suddenly had 24 hours of free time. I picked a local community to see from the perspective of everyday life. I chose Coquitlam. I wasn't worried about finding a place to stay, either, as I always travel with my HotelTonight app. I'd find a Coquitlam, BC hotel room as soon as I was ready to rest.

The Outdoors

One of the unique aspects of Vancouver is that even though you're in the middle of a gigantic city, you're still never far away from the true outdoors. That's certainly true in Coquitlam. I pulled into town and parked, and before I knew it I was hiking on a trail that took me away from civilization almost immediately. Whoever built the trail understood how to do it as well, as I never lost sight of the majestic mountains that surround the city and yet I was under the cover of thick greenery the entire time I was out there.

The Arts

As I got back into town, I wanted to see what humans are up to on a day-day basis in Coquitlam. I heard about an arts center. It's called the Place des Arts, and it's basically a gathering place for artists, musicians and live performers as there is a theater there as well. I saw quite a few native-type paintings and tapestries in this modern building and I even bought a couple to bring home for myself and for gifts for the important people in my life. I looked at the calendar and saw that there were live performances of some type several times per week.

The Dining

For whatever reason, I felt like having a nice steak for dinner. A nice lady on the street told me about a steakhouse that had been serving great ones for a lot of years. I took her up on her advice and gave it a try. It was a nice piece of advice – almost as nice as the enormous piece of beef that they put in front of me. It was doused in a brown sauce that added a lot of flavor to it, and I ate hungrily.

HotelTonight – Coquitlam, BC Hotels Are Around

After such a filling dinner, I was ready to crash out. I opened my HotelTonight app and booked a Coquitlam, BC hotel room almost instantly. It was about a block away, so I paid my bill and fell into bed almost immediately. I couldn't wait to tell people I knew a bit more about this part of the world.

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