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Nestled in a beautiful valley between dramatic mountain ranges is Innsbruck, one of the most beloved destinations in Austria. This medieval village has been an important European city for centuries, and today it's widely considered not only one of Austria's most beautiful towns, but also one of Europe's most beautiful towns. Innsbruck is a small alpine town, so you can definitely see a great deal of the city in just a couple of days, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to take a last-minute weekend trip to Innsbruck this past winter.

Known as a premier ski destination in Europe, this region of Austria beckoned me to its slopes. After a few action-packed days in the beautiful mountains, I decided to extend my stay in Austria so that I could really explore the town of Innsbruck. In order to make my spur-of-the-moment travel plans possible, I pulled up the HotelTonight app on my phone and booked a great last-minute hotel in Innsbruck. Within minutes, I had a fantastic hotel booked in the center of the Old Town, and I was ready to start exploring this historic city on foot.

Old Town

Without a doubt, the heart of Innsbruck is its Old Town (or Altstadt, as it's known locally). This historic city center boasts buildings from the Middle Ages, and its cobbled streets and colorful old merchant buildings look like they belong in a fair ytale. If you love architecture, you'll be fascinated with the diversity of different styles all located in the Old Town, which offers everything from Renaissance and Baroque buildings to Rococo and Gothic buildings. Also in the Old Town is Innsbruck's most famous landmark, the Golden Roof. This gilded copper roof was constructed in 1496, and the opulent building shines in the Austrian sunshine. You won't need a whole hour to visit this one-of-a-kind building, but you will definitely want to stop by and see the Golden Roof with your own eyes during your stay in Innsbruck.

The Hofburg District

The area surrounding Innsbruck's exquisite Hofburg palace is well worth a visit, as there are plenty of other old, beautiful buildings and monuments to explore, such as the 16th century Silver Chapel. Other historic sights in the area include the Old University, the Jesuit Church, and the Tyrolean Provincial Theater. Of course, the district's main attraction is still the Hofburg and its manicured gardens, the Hofgarten. After taking a stroll through the beautiful gardens, make sure to wander through the rest of the Hofburg District, as you'll get a great sense for the town's culture and history simply by walking past its magnificent old buildings.

The Alps

One of the reasons why Innsbruck is such a popular destination is because of its proximity to ski resorts in the Austrian Alps. After all, Innsbruck has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, so this town is considered home to some of the best skiing in the world. Prior to exploring the town itself, I spent some time up in the Alps, enjoying the world-class skiing in this majestic setting. If you want to ski some of the same runs and slopes that the world's greatest winter athletes have skied, you'll want to check out Olympia SkiWorld Innsbruck, which is a small slice of heaven for winter sports lovers.

The River Inn

Innsbruck is located on the pretty River Inn, which provides the perfect setting for an afternoon stroll. The riverfront is idyllic, lined with beautiful old buildings and set against the backdrop of the Alps, so you just may want to keep returning to the riverfront for morning strolls, afternoon strolls and even nighttime strolls.


Just a short walk away from the Old Town is Marketplatz, a pretty square that is home to major markets in Innsbruck. Since I was there during the early winter months, I was lucky enough to be there for the Christmas market. This festive holiday market is like a small slice of Yuletide paradise, and I could have spent hours wandering through its stalls, tasting the warm, fresh local food and enjoying the cheerful energy. Even if you don't visit Innsbruck near the holidays, you should still check out this pretty market square.

HotelTonight – Great Last-Minute Hotels in Innsbruck

If you want to visit an old town that boasts charm around every corner, you need to book your trip to Innsbruck immediately. Innsbruck is easily one of the most beautiful towns I've visited, and I already know that I'll be returning in the future. It's just the type of town that makes you want to return again and again, because there's a welcoming energy and abundance of beauty that will hook you. Since I'm already hooked, I've started dreaming about my next trip to Innsbruck, and I know that I will book my next Innsbruck hotel through HotelTonight. Thanks to HotelTonight, planning last-minute trips has never been easier, which is why I was able to make my impromptu trip to the charming town of Innsbruck a reality.

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