Check out the questions below to get your questions answered instantly. If these don't quite cover it, our customer support team, available 24/7, will be able to answer them almost as quickly.

What type of room will I get? Can I choose my own room?

In order to bring you the best last-minute rates possible, at some hotels your room type will be assigned at check-in. These hotels will say ‘Selected by Hotel’ next to ‘Room Type’ on the booking screen. But we've also added the option for you to choose your room type (1 bed or 2 beds) in advance when available. Just tap 'Room type' before booking to make your choice. In some locations, you can even ‘Customize’ your search to show hotels that allow room selection.

And rest assured: every room, no matter the type, will accommodate two adults. Extra guests are at the hotel’s discretion and may be subject to additional fees.

Heads up - room type selection is not yet supported on our mobile website, so if you’d like to use this feature, make sure to download our award-winning app!

When should I book - in advance or day of?

We've seen time and time again that rates drop at the last minute, as the rooms may otherwise go unsold. But we work hard to ensure the rates you see on HotelTonight are the very best price you can get for that hotel at that moment, which we back up with our HT Guarantee. The hotels we feature on the app are always changing, so if you see something you like, and want to lock it down, we say go for it. If you're feeling extra flexible and want to wait 'til same-day to book, you do you. Either way, you win.

If I can book a hotel in advance, why are you guys called HotelTonight?

We started with same-day bookings, expanded to allow you to book up to a week in advance and then, by popular demand, expanded even further in some of our most popular cities to allow even more people to experience the joy that is booking with HotelTonight. Whether you need a room in 100 days, 100 hours or 100 seconds, we've got your back. We're all about living in the moment, and every night is tonight at some point (and yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, you get the gist...)

Can I book multiple rooms at a time?

Some of our hotel partners do allow you to book multiple rooms (up to 4) at once if you are using the app on an iOS or Android device. Use the filters under the location and date selectors to choose how many rooms you need.

If you're booking on our website, or the hotel you're looking for doesn't offer multiroom bookings, you may still be able to book multiple rooms with them as long as we have inventory available (the app will show you if there are fewer than 3 rooms left) - simply make your first booking and then head back to your search to book another.

How do I edit my info?

You are able to change the info in your account with us at any time. On your iPhone and iPad, tap 'Account.' From there, tap on any of the ‘Your Information’ fields to edit or update your information. On an Android, tap ‘Account’ and then ‘Settings.’ Tap on any of the fields to update your info.

Make sure to double-check the email address so your booking receipts don't get lost in the great online abyss.

Don't see these settings? Make sure you've got the latest version of the app!

Heads up - editing your user info is not yet supported on our mobile website. To do this, please download our award-winning app!

What is HT Perks?

HT Perks is a way to reward and give back to our bookers (that’s you!). It’s simple: the more you use HotelTonight, the better it gets. As you book, you unlock levels that give you access to exclusive extra discounts, and you can use those discounts immediately or save them for a later booking. (Yep, we found a way to make our deals *even* better.) You also unlock other sweet perks as you level up. Unlike other programs, there are no blackout dates and you never lose your status.

For all the details, head to the app and tap on ‘Bookings’ and then ‘Learn More’ in the HT Perks section.

What's this "Daily Drop" deal?

The Daily Drop is an exclusive, personalized deal with room rates at least 30% off the already-low HotelTonight room rate. You’ll see Daily Drops in many destinations (whenever they’re available), and you can unlock one a day, every day. Once you “unlock” the deal, you’ve got 15 minutes to book it and then poof, it’s gone. Note that sometimes these deals sell out even faster, so again, if you want in, make like the Fresh Prince and Carlton and jump on it. But if you miss out, don’t fret. We’ve got lots of other deals, every day (it’s kind of our thing).

The hotels featured are based on when and where you’re searching, and what kind of hotels you like (Hip, Luxe, Solid, etc.). The more you unlock, the better we’ll get at matching you to your perfect deal. Extra incentive to book that trip you’ve been thinking about!

Heads up: Daily Drop is not yet supported on our mobile website, so if you’d like to use this feature, make sure to download our award-winning app!

Can I change the method of payment used?

You sure can! On our app, you can update your payment info before booking (on your iPhone or iPad, simply tap 'Account' and then 'Payment' to update your payment info. On your Android, tap Account then ‘Settings’ and then 'Payment Methods.’) On our mobile website, you can add or choose your preferred credit card during the booking process.

Already made your booking but need to change your method of payment? No sweat. Simply make sure that the card you want to use instead is stored in your account, and contact us below so we can help.

Rest assured, your credit card information is always secure, and we’ll only ever make a change in payment with your permission.

Can I extend my booking?

As long as the hotel has rooms available, you're able to make a booking for the extra night(s) you need to extend your stay. You can search the hotel name in the search field for the dates you need and then, once confirmed, simply let the front desk know that you've extended your booking. They'll do their best to keep you in the same room but may need you to visit the front desk to update your information.

If you saw the option to add a second night when completing your booking for a discount but didn't select that option at the time, that deal is no longer available, but following the steps above will get you the best rates out there now!

Can't find the hotel anymore? It may be that the hotel doesn't have rooms available. Speak to the front desk to find out what options they may have for you.

I’m having trouble with my payment - can you help me?

HotelTonight currently supports the following payment methods:
- Most major credit cards: Visa, AMEX, MasterCard, Discover
- PayPal
- Apple Pay

If you’re having trouble completing a purchase, please reach out to your credit card company or financial institution directly for help.

I’m having trouble using a coupon - can you help me?

If you’re attempting to redeem a coupon and are seeing an error message, it’s likely because:
- The code has expired.
- The booking does not meet the terms of the code. These terms can include time, location, hotel, or minimum spend restrictions.
- The maximum number of people have already redeemed it.
- You’ve already redeemed the code.
- You’ve entered the code incorrectly.
- You're trying to redeem a code for first-time customers but have already booked with us using this account, this device or this payment method. (Sorry, no double-dipping!)

If something comes up or I mistakenly book a room, can I get a refund?

We state very clearly that all bookings are non-refundable and we warn customers before the purchase is confirmed. Sorry to sound harsh, but the only way we can keep these great deals coming is to guarantee that the hotels' efforts are rewarded and they get paid.

I've forgotten my password - can you help?

It happens to the best of us!

Tap ‘Account’ and then ‘Sign In’ and hit ‘Continue.’ Then tap ‘Send My Link’ and we’ll email you a link that’ll sign you in with one tap. Easy as it sounds. Because “passwords are fun to type” said no one ever.