April 21, 2016 Product

Aces Concierge… It’s Happening

Big news from HT HQ… we’re taking our Aces Concierge service out of beta and officially releasing it to the world. What this means for you: every qualified booking you make in an Aces city (see the full list below) scores you access to an Ace, a real-live person at the ready to make your stay great. If your booking comes with an Ace, you’ll see it on the hotel details page before you book.

Your Ace is available from the morning you check in through your entire stay, standing by via in-app chat to help with anything and everything you need – whether that’s an extra toothbrush, a specific type of pillow waiting in your room when you arrive (extra-firm, please!), or an insider tip on the best bars in the ‘hood. Aces is ace for the on-the-go biz traveler, those checking out a new city, or anyone who wants to plan less, live more and let someone else handle the details.

We’ve been rolling out Aces since last summer, and we’re psyched to officially bring it to way more destinations and bookers today. Since launch, hundreds of thousands of Aces messages have been exchanged, with an average response time of 23 seconds. It’s been fun to see what you’re asking for – mostly a specific room or bed type, early check-in/late check-out and local restaurant recs, but we’ve also had requests for a tiki bar with great people watching (from a group of teachers on spring break in Southern California), the best recreational dispensary in Denver (hey, it’s legal there) and a psychic reader in Miami (we shoulda seen that coming).

HT CEO Sam Shank put it best: “We built Aces for our bookers – to make their entire stays as seamless and amazing as their booking experience. Messaging-based commerce is still nascent, and we’re excited to be innovators within the space. It’s been awesome to see people using and loving Aces, and even more awesome to see the impact it’s had on the business. We’re thrilled that we’ve seen direct, incremental revenue as a result of the feature – users who are offered Aces are much more likely to book a room, and to come back and book again. And because we launched Aces in beta before officially releasing it, we’ve been able to get more sophisticated with how we fulfill requests, allowing us to scale the program in a way that’s great for our bookers and cost-effective for us. Win-win.”

Aces is now available for all English-language bookings with a total room cost over $200 at Solid, Hip, Luxe, Charming and HighRoller hotels in these cities: Arlington, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Brooklyn, Cambridge, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, London, LA, Miami, New Orleans, NYC, Orlando, Palm Springs, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Raleigh, San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan, Santa Barbara, Savannah, Seattle, Scottsdale, Tampa, Tempe, Toronto and Vancouver.


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