May 18, 2016 Product

New in HotelTonight 9.0: Favorites <3

HotelTonight 9.0 is here and with it comes an exciting new feature: Favorites.



With the latest version of the app, you can now save hotels to your very own Favorites list, which shows you whenever your faves are available, and the great rates we’ve got ‘em for. You can also change the dates in the list (to search for tonight or up to a week in advance) and see whenever your faves are on the app. Pro tip: hotels available on the app are always changing, so even if one of your favorites is unavailable at any given moment, it could pop back up. Check back often – or peruse the app to find your soon-to-be-new-favorite hotel!

We’re especially excited about the ways this new feature helps you tap into your spontaneous side. See a hotel you’ve favorited show up at a great rate? Boom. In a few taps, you’re on your way to a great stay. Here are a few ways you can – and should! – use Favorites:

  • Bucket list Got a running mental list of hotels you’ve always wanted to stay at? Add ‘em. When a hotel is available and the time and price are right, you can make those bucket list fantasies a reality in a few taps.
  • The tried-and-true Keep track of your go-to hotels in one place, and see at a glance when they’re available.

To favorite a hotel, tap the heart on a hotel profile (you’ll see it go from a heart outline to a filled heart). This will add it to your Favorites list, which you’ll find by tapping the heart tab in the app.

If you’ve got a specific hotel in mind, you can also search for it by name or address from within your Favorites list. On iOS you’ll hit “Add a Favorite,” and on Android you’ll tap the “+” button. Tapping on a hotel from the search results automatically favorites it, and you’ll immediately see it added to your Favorites list. To remove a favorite, just tap the heart on a hotel profile, and it’ll go back from solid to unfilled.

Happy favoriting! And, as always, if you’ve got any feedback, we’re all ears. Hit us up at – we read everything!