August 21, 2015 Product

HotelTonight 7.4: Search in Map Area

We’re excited to share the latest and greatest HotelTonight release, which includes a feature we’re pretty sure you’re gonna love: the ability to search by map area.

When you’re in the Map view in the app (simply tap ‘Map’ when you’re looking at a list of hotel – it’s in the top right corner), you can pan/pinch/zoom over to any area of the map you’d like to check out. Then tap ‘Search in Map Area’ and all the hotels in that area will appear on the map. You’ll see them listed by price – just tap the rate to see more information about the hotel, which will show up at the bottom of the map. You can then scroll right and left through your hotel options as well!

Say you’re on a road trip through Vermont to check out the fall colors. You don’t know exactly where you’ll end up that night, but know the general direction you’ll be driving from Burlington. Search for Burlington, then pan the map the way you’re headed. Tap ‘Search in Map Area’ and you’ll see all your options laid out for you.

Or perhaps you’re headed to the coast next weekend. You know you want to be by the water, but are flexible about what city you stay in. This feature lets you pan up and down the coast, scope out your options, and find the perfect little beach retreat.

Make sure to update to the latest version of HT to check it out for yourself.